ITZY's Ryujin and BTS Suga ITZY's Ryujin and BTS Suga

K-Pop Idols who look like a webtoon character with blue hair

K-Pop hairstyle is all about color and new trends. These Idols look amazing with blue hair. You're going to fall for their beauty.

Nowadays, the Korean entertainment industry is the creator of tons of trends. Of course, we are talking about fashion. K-Pop artists always came up with the best ideas for their looks on stage. If you are looking for inspiration for your outfits, the Hallyu music videos could be helpful.

At the same time, we can notice te the Idols put a lot of effort into their own images. Head to toe, these musicians are trying to show their best image. This includes fitness figures, great outfits, and innovative hairstyles.

Is really common to see our favorite K-Pop singer with the most exotic color hair. Even if most of the time those are fantasy tones, some Idols seem to be born to use specific hair colors.

Blue is a color difficult for the hair. Let's be honest, not everyone can look good with this hairstyle. However, these gorgeous artists are like fairy tale characters in blue. Don't you believe us? Just check their photos, is hard to believe they are real.

K-Pop Idols who look gorgeous with blue hair

1. Ryujin - ITZY

No one will forget Ryujin with her dark blue hair. She was stunning during the WANNABE age.

ITZY's Ryujin / Twitter @ryujinpics

2. Eunha - VIVIZ

Eunha looks like a real fairy. The adorable Idol can use any color, but this one is unforgettable.

VIVIZ' Eunha / Twitter @eunhapic

3. Suga - BTS

Suga has tried almost all the tones: dark, mint, purple, and baby blue. Which one is your favorite?

BTS' Suga / Twitter @banqtanselca

4. Jeongyeon - TWICE

Just look at her! What else can we say? Jeongyeon looks like a doll. She is so beautiful.

TWICE's Jeongyeon / Twitter @myjeongarchives

5. V - BTS

Let's finish with one of the most iconic looks of V. ARMY already know that the blue charming prince does exist.

BTS' V / Twitter @_7borahae

There are too many Idols that should be on the list. Do you have a favorite blue hair tone?

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