BTS' Jimin and BLACKPINK's Rose BTS' Jimin and BLACKPINK's Rose

K-Pop Idols who look awesome with blonde hair

K-Pop artists are always looking for some great and unique hair colors. There are a few Idols that were born to be blonde.

We are sure that at least once you have doubt about the real hair color of the Idols in this list. Is pretty common to see artists with fantasy hair colors in K-Pop.

However, sometimes a particular style fits the artist so that we want them to have this hair color forever. They can wear mostly everything but, this style is their best look.

Today we are talking about those singers who seem to be natural blondes. Fate made this color to be their distinctive feature.

K-Pop Idols that look like natura blondes

1. Taeyeon - Girls' Generation

We almost forget how Taeyeon looks with other hair colors. Blonde is her thing, just look at her. She is gorgeous!

Taeyeon from Girls' Generation / By @kimtaenos

2. Somi

Somi is really pretty. However, blonde is her superior style. The fans loved the "Dumb Dumb" era becuse of the music, otufit and hair style.

Somi for 'Dumb Dumb' / By @_somipics


No one is surprised to see Rose in this list. Blonde hair fits her personality pretty well. Let's appreciate her iconic look for Coachella's performance.

Rose from BLACKPINK / By @k_popstory

4. Hyunjin - STRAY KIDS

This handsome Idol looks great with all the colors, but blonde makes him even more beautiful -if that is possible-.

Hyunjin from STRAY KIDS / By @hwangride

5. Jimin - BTS

Jimin has tried different blonde tones in various projects. No matter what kind of tone he choses, this is his color!

Jimin from BTS / By @kmviraI

What other Idol should be in this list?

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