BTS' Jimin and ITZY's Yeji BTS' Jimin and ITZY's Yeji

K-Pop Idols that will make you fall in love with their cutest eye smile

These K-Pop Idols are gorgeous. Also, they are well known for their adorable eye smile. Be careful, you can fall in love with them.

Every single Idol is beautiful. No matter if we are talking about a girl or boy group, or maybe about a soloist, all the K-Pop artists put a lot of effort into their appearance. Korean beauty culture is on the next level.

Not just the music is great, but K-Pop by itself is eye-catching. Let's be honest, we all love to see these good-looking Idols on stage because of their beauty as well. At the same time, some artists stand out thanks to their cute looks.

There are tons of singers who have cute personalities, but just a few have adorable eye smiles. We are talking about that lovely shape their eyes adopt while laughing. Is gorgeous and pretty unique!

Today we have for you some of the most famous Idols with this lovely feature. As soon as you watch their photos you would want to join their fandom and support them forever. Are you ready for the cuteness overload?

K-Pop Idols with the most adorable eye smile

1. Yeji - ITZY

Yeji is a super beautiful lady, but when she smiles she looks even better. Do you want to protect ITZY's leader as much as we want?

Yeji, leader of ITZY / Twitter @tinieitzy

2. Tiffany - Girls' Generation

Here comes the legend of the eye smile: Tiffany! The member of Girls' Generation has one of the most famous smiles in the industry. She is gorgeous!

Tiffany of Girls' Generation / Twitter @TlNYFANY

3. Moonbin - ASTRO

This handsome gentleman looks really innocent when he smiles. Moonbin's eyes are beautiful, he shines like no one else!

Moonbin of ASTRO / Twitter @moonhoneybin

4. Lia - ITZY

We have a theory: to be part of ITZY, having a lovely smile is a requirement. Just look at Lia. She looks so cute!

ITZY's Lia smiling / Twitter @Iiaizy

5. Jimin - BTS

Finally, the eyes smile king is here. Yes, we are talking about Jimin. The adorable smile of the BTS member is very popular all over the world.

BTS' Jimin smiling / Twitter @hourlyvmk

Is there another K-Pop Idol that should be on this list? 

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