K-Dramas with ghosts K-Dramas with ghosts

K-Dramas with ghosts that add something terrifying to their plots

There are never any limits to Korean dramas and there are even some with ghosts that have an important part in their stories

We love that there is such diversity in K-Dramas, this makes it so much more fun to binge-watch a bunch of shows and characters, which dramas include ghosts? Here we recommend some.

We can always find epic adventures in Korean dramas, there are a lot of great plots and stories that the writers, directors and actors share with us through each of these series that we can watch. Its popularization has been due to its interesting plots and characters.

And the best thing is that there are K-Dramas of different genres, fantasy, historical, romance, science fiction and others that take us through different adventures that we can always enjoy through our screens and on various platforms that contain all kinds of Korean series.

We know that terror is no stranger to dramas and there are even some of these series that include various supernatural beings that cause fear in the public. But at the same time they give us a great touch to continue enjoying every Korean drama that we can see with this type of horror theme.

There are even some dramas with ghosts in their plots, do you want to see one of them? Here we recommend the best ones that will scare you, but don't worry, these supernatural beings add something super interesting to the story.

5 K-Dramas with ghosts that make a more interesting plot

1. Hotel Del Luna

Year: 2019
Starring IU and Yeo Jin Goo

In this series we meet a hotel that might seem like nothing special but in reality it is because all its guests are actually ghosts, what pending things should they have? Will they fix something? You will love this great story.

Hotel Del Luna | Twitter: @theseoulstory

If you haven't watched 'Hotel Del Luna', then do it right now! 

2. Oh My Ghost

Year: 2015
Starring Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk

This is a romantic comedy drama that includes a ghost, it's about a shy girl who can't confess her love for her crush, but with the help of a ghost girl she will be able to have more confidence and actually declare herself but... What happens when the spirit also falls in love with that boy?

'Oh My Ghost' has a great story for you.

3. Bring It On, Ghost

Year: 2016
Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taecyeon

In this K-Drama we meet a boy who since childhood has the power to see and fight with ghosts, he now works as an exorcist and sometimes receives a call from a girl who seeks help with a being in his school, can he help her?

Bring It On, Ghost | Twitter: @justtaecmewoo

'Bring It On, Ghost' has a pretty cool story for you. 

4. The Ghost Detective

Year: 2018
Starring Park Eun Bin and Choi Daniel

This drama is about a detective who investigates and solves his cases with ghosts since he has the ability to see and talk to these beings, but everything changes when he actually becomes a ghost too, how can he now communicate with the living?

You need to watch 'The Ghost Detective'.

5. Ghost Doctor

Year: 2022
Starring Rain and Kim Bum

This drama is about a couple of doctors who don't have much in common in fact and this makes them have differences in the hospital. But everything changes when one of them dies and leaves some unfinished business, so he possesses the body of his partner to be able to continue saving lives, although now as a team.

Ghost Doctor | Twitter: @iconickdramas

'Ghost Doctor' has a very interesting plot.

Keep watching K-Dramas, here we have some with Wi Ha Joon, get to know more of this Korean actor. 

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