Mystery K-Dramas that you must watch Mystery K-Dramas that you must watch

K-Dramas with a lot of mystery that you'll solve on each episode

What are the best mystery Korean dramas? Follow their stories and solve the unknowns that surround them

In many Korean dramas we can follow the mystery stories that are presented through our screen, know some of these plots that we recommend.

Each K-Drama is a different adventure and all the stories that are presented from Korea to the world have the great creativity of writers and directors in their productions. There are also countless actors who lend each and every one of their talents to be able to convey the stories exactly as they are intended.

So maybe this is why Korean series are so addictive, because of their interesting stories, great performances and more that fans love and follow episode after episode in each of these productions. More and more people are enjoying all of the Korean entertainment.

And the best thing is that the stories in the dramas are not limited, there are plots of fantasy, horror, action, romance and even those full of mystery that manage to completely captivate the public at all times. Perhaps you have ventured to see some of the series of this type.

But if you want more of these mystery K-Dramas, here are our best recommendations for you to live stories full of emotion with each chapter. You will want to solve the unknown and everything that these series hide in their plots.

5 mistery Korean dramas that that will wrap you in the unknown

1. Save Me

Year: 2017
Starring: Ok Taecyeon and Seo Ye Ji

This drama will take you to meet a mysterious cult, it starts with a girl who asks for help on the street and some men decide to help her, they all end up involved in said sect and they will find more and more unknowns that will be solved.

Save Me | Twitter: @Protaective

Watch 'Save Me' and unveil its mysteries. 

2. Voice

Year: 2017
Starring Jang Hyun y Lee Ha Na

This series is about a detective who loses his wife, so he changes jobs and joins a criminal profiler on emergency calls, both of them will solve mysteries and even find the truth on their own.

'Voice' has an incredible mystery that you'll love on all of its seasons.

3. Dark Hole

Year: 2021
Starring Kim Ok Bin and Lee Joon Hyuk

This story will take us to meet a detective, her husband died long ago at the hands of an assassin who manages to contact her and ask her to travel to an island, where she will find something terrifying: its inhabitants have become monsters.

Dark Hole | Twitter: @_SiYoo_

'Dark Hole' will surprise you with its cruel mystery. 

4. Suspicious Partner

Year: 2017
Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

This K-Drama is about a prosecutor who is working with a trainee, they will soon have a new case to solve and it is about the death of this trainee's ex-boyfriend. There are many ways to see the case but it seems that it is a serial killer, will they be able to catch him?

Don't miss the full story of 'Suspicious Partner'

5. Mouse

Year: 2021
Starring Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hee Joon

This series revolves around the discovery and approach of serial killers, focusing on their stories in the mysteries behind each of their criminal acts. Even one of the killers confesses something that shocks the entire nation.

Mouse | Twitter: @doyjaefvngrll

'Mouse' is a drama that you really must watch. 

We habve more recommmendations for you, we have some action K-Dramas that are available on Netflix.

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