Minah, former member of Girl's Day Minah, former member of Girl's Day

K-Dramas with Bang Min Ah to explore the acting career of Girl's Day former member

Minha, the former lead vocalist of Girl's Day is a talented actress as well. You should watch these K-Dramas starring the beautiful artist.

Many actors started their careers as singers and eventually get focused on the acting world. That is the case with the super skillful Bang Min Ah. As you may know, she used to be an Idol with a successful career.

She debuted as the main vocalist of the iconic girl group Girl's Day in 2010. Her powerful voice and energetic charisma conquered immediately the Korean public. In 2015 she dropped her first solo album "I Am a Woman Too".

Minah also wanted to show her facet as an actress. In 2011 she participated in the sitcom "Vampire Idol". Her mind-blowing talent allowed her to act in the movie "Holly" in 2013. She got the Rookie Actress Award at the Gwangju International Film Festival thanks to this project.

We are in front of an all-rounded artist. Her K-Dramas are very interesting, just what you need to get into her acting career. Are you ready to fall in love whit her again? Take a seat and let's enjoy her best series.

Bang Minah K-Dramas you have to watch

1. Beautiful Gong Shim (2016)

Gong Shim is a young woman who thinks her life is hard since she is 'ugly'. Her life will change after meeting a good-looking lawyer named Ahn Dan Tae (Namkoong Min).

'Beautiful Gong Shim' poster / Twitter @witched07

2. Sweet, Savage Family (2016)

Here the actress is Baek Hyun Ji, a former member of a girl band. She is working hard at a talent agency to learn how to sing and dance. This show is a great comedy that you need to watch.

Minah for 'Sweet, Savage Family' / Twitter @GSDTH

3. Check Out the Event (2021)

Song Yi is a cheerful botanical garden curator who just break up with hr boyfriend. She is trying to get his love again so she travels with him to Jeju Island.

'Check Out the Event' poster / Twitter @fandeloasiatico

4. My Absolute Boyfriend (2019)

Minah and Yeo JIn Goo joined forces to give us this adorable drama. Iy follows the love story between a makeup artist and a robot created to be the perfect boyfriend. It sounds weird but is actually a fun series.

'My Absolute Boyfriend' poster / Twitter @daniarangel92

All these dramas are awesome!

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