K-Dramas with NCT members K-Dramas with NCT members

K-Dramas where the members of NCT appear, they are idols and actors

Did you know that NCT has members who are also actors? They have proven more of their talents outside of music

NCT has extremely talented and dedicated members, and some of them have also debuted as actors. Here we recommend some of the dramas where they have appeared.

NCT is one of the groups with the most members in K-Pop, which is why this idol group has many subunits and subgroups where the talents of these artists can be better appreciated. They came from different countries to Korea in order to prepare and debut as idols.

And although the members of Neo Culture Technology give their all in every song and performance, comeback with their unit and so on, they also have many other talents. There are those who have served as models, others as MCs, and there are even members who are actors.

So the NCT boys are extremely talented and there is a lot of evidence of them. Perhaps you have already seen those who are actors in some K-Drama, or series from some other country like China or Japan since the group has idols from those countries. So we can also enjoy them on television.

So here we recommend some dramas where the members of NCT have appeared, we also have some that have not come out yet, but so you are aware of their premieres. Do not miss them.

5 Korean dramas that have NCT members in their cast

1. Method to Hate You

Year: 2019
Starring NCT's Jaemin and Kim Ji In

This drama is about a student on the first year of college who will start a fake relationship just to get out of a situation, will there be real love born or someone will get to know that they're faking it?

Method To Hate You | Twitter: @stardramas

'Method to Hate You' stars Jaemin and that's why you better watch it. 

2. Dear.M

Year: 2022
Starring Park Hye Soo and Noh Jung Ui

In this series we will have to solve a mystery, because someone who only signed as 'M' placed an ad on the virtual board of a university that turned the whole world upside down, who could have left that curious message?

'Dear.M' hasn't been released yet, but it soon will be and we'll see NCT's Jaehyun there.

3. Cafe Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker

Year: 2021
Starring Shin Joo Hwan and NCT's Doyoung

This one is about a highschool student who can see the future, this ability will let him know a lot of things but it can be also a curse, what will happen to him next? Find it out here!

Cafe Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker | Twitter: @clairdelune48

Doyoung stars in the third season of 'Cafe Midnight', so watch this drama. 

4. To X Who Doesn't Love Me

Year: 2022
Starring Han Ji Hyo and NCT's Doyoung

In this K-Drama we will see a girl who discovers the power of a notebook that makes her fall in love for a month. She like this she has various relationships with different guys thanks to that artifact, will she find true love this way?

Were waiting for 'To X Who Doesn't Love Me' to be released to watch Doyoung on dramas once again.


Year: 2018
Starring Shin Ye Eun and Lee Na Eun

This K-Drama is about a group of high school student friends who are ready or maybe not so ready for adulthood, how will they live this stage? Follow their stories by watching this one.


Jaemin had a cameo on 'A-TEEN', that's why you must watch this drama. 

Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we have some with mature stories for you, maybe you need to watch them.

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