Netflix show 'Navillera' Netflix show 'Navillera'

K-Dramas to watch when you're not feeling brave

If you are looking for motivation watch this K-Dramas to encourage yourself It could help on the bad days

The phrase "Follow your dreams" it's not easy to execute. When we fall in the "Fear" trap, it's complicated to realize how to get out of that cage. Sometimes our worries freeze our bodies and we forget how to walk ahead. 

If you have felt like this, don't be ashamed, everyone could feel like that. It's really important to remember how powerful, talented and beautiful we are but, when the gray cloud is over our heads it won't let us see the light inside ourselves.

That's why today we have some K-Dramas that will help you to overcome the bad days. If you are feeling down because you think you're not brave enough, enjoy these motivational stories. Never it's too late to change or to achieve our dreams. We are cheering for you!

Motivational K-Dramas that could help in your personal life

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - 2016

'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo' poster / By @littlegh0stl

The Drama is based on the life story of the Korean deportist Jang Miran. We can see all the challenges she face to one day achieve the greatest goal, win the gold medal at the Olympics Games,

Our female lead Kim Bok Joo was played by Lee Sung Kyung. Eventually she will find love with her best friend Jung Joonhyung (Nam Joo Hyuk). The lovely and funny couple will support each other while they are fighting for their dreams.

2. Record of Youth - 2020

'Recor of Youth' poster / By @dream_in_lilac

Park Bogum is the male lead of this story: Sa Hyejun is a low-class model who wants to become a serious actor. When he achieves some good acting projects he will have to look for some balance with his personal life and take care of his relationship with Ahn Jeongha (Park Sodam).

This drama will provide some deep views under the deep personality of the characters. What is the line between work and personal life? How can you overcome family dilemmas?

The show is emotional and meaningful but there are no dramatic or tragic moments. Such a good aspect!

3. Navillera - 2021

'Navillera' poster / By @Sunkdramas

Dukchool (Park In-hwan) is a 70 years old man who decides to achieve his dream. He attended a Ballet academy looking for classes. At that place he will meet the dancer Lee Chaerok (Son Kang) is having a hard time with his career. His relationship with the elder would help him to overcome his insecurities. 

The actions of the main character sometimes will make you cry because of happiness. The beutiful story is the perfect motivational bomb you need.

Navillera is available on Netflix. What are you waiting for?

Which one would you watch?

Don't forget to stay positive.

Check some other great K-Dramas you can watch on Netflix.

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