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K-Dramas to understand why Park Min Young is a romantic comedy queen

Are you looking for a show to make you laugh? You need to watch Park Min Young K-Dramas, she is an expert. Don't you believe us? Just check this list.

A couple of years ago the Korean actress Park Min Young got the title "Romantic Comedy Queen". For sure she is a versatile actress that can take really different types of projects,

However the public love to see her in comedy K-Dramas. Maybe her natural charisma gives her the ability to portrait lovely and funny characters on screen.

There's no doubt she has a good taste in choosing the best shows to make you laugh and fall in love at the same time. You need to watch these K-Dramas right now.

Park Min Young K-Dramas that explain why she is a romantic comedy queen

1. "What's wrong with secretary Kim?" (2018)

' What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?' poster / By @kdramaworlld

We know it, nobody is surprised to find this show on the list. Is one of the most famous dramas of the actresses.

The beautiful and super efficient secretary Kim Mi So has decided to control her own life. Eventually her good looking boss (Park Seo Joon) will fall for her. This couple is on fire.

2. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' poster / By @carolamarinart

Let's talk about an old one. This historical show gave the actress fame because of her talent for romantic comedies K-Dramas.

Park Ming Young took the role of Kim Yoon Hee ayoung woman who pretends to be her brother in order to gain money and help her family. In this show we'll see Song Joong Ki as well.

3. Her Private Life (2019)

Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young for 'Her Private Life' / By @jaeuckim

Everyone loves this show, it is hilarious, the chemistry of the couple is amazing and the whole K-Pop fanatic world can relate with this story.

Sung Duk Mi is a sophisticated museum curator. She has a hidden side, at the same time she is a fan of the boy group White Ocean. The male lead, Ryan Gold, finds out her secret and the love begins.

All these shows are great options to have a good time. What other K-Dramas with Park Min Young do you like?

Recently it was reavelead the the actress will starring the new drama "MonWedFriTuesThursSat". We have all the information for you.

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