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K-Dramas to introduce you to I.O.I fomer members acting career

Are you a fan of I.O.I? Despite the group not releasing music anymore, at least we can see the members on the screen. Here are their best acting projects.

After the super popular Tv show Produce 101 came to an end, we saw the winners taking the stage with great hits. I.O.I gave us iconic songs like "Very Very Very" or "Watta Man".

The group disbanded officially in 2017. There were some rumors about the members trying to set their busy schedules in order to have a reunion.

The fans are living in incertitude. No matter if the girls are coming back together or not, at least we should spend this time knowing more about the acting careers of these talented Idols.

We have the best K-Dramas to start with this assignment.

1. Chaeyeon

Even before her debut Chaeyoung caiuth a lot of attention beacuse of the natugral beauty. Her talented has given her the opportunity to work in musicals and K-Dramas.

"My First First Love" follows the love triange among a group of friends. Chaeyeon is Hang Song Yi, a collage student with a lot of dreams. You need to watch the two seasons.

'My First Fisrt Love' poster / By @zaiiii00

2. Kang Mina

Mina is just starting her career as an actress. She will be the female lead in the upcoming drama "Minandang".

She has a second lead in the popular show "Hotel Del Luna". You are gonna fall for her adorable character.

'Hotel Del Luna' poster / By @susanamatondo

3. Doyeon

In 2020 the beautiful Doyeon took the lead role of the web drama "Pop Out Boy!". She is a high school student who loves to read comics.

Eventually a handsome boy came out from a comic. Kim Min Kyu is Chu Nam Wook, the sweet protagonist of this show.

'Pop Out Boy!' poste / By @s2hwg

4. Kim Sejong

The lead  vocalist of I.O.I is probably the former member with the most successful acting projects. She already has worked in different genres such as fantasy and romantic comedies.

"The Uncanny Counter" (2020) is an interesting fiction show. The singer played the role of Do Hana, a demon hunter.

'The Uncanny Counter' poster / By @Lxvlyrstay

They  have a lot of potential, and in the next few years they will become famous because of their acting careers as well.

Do you like the historical K-Dramas? Read this article that compiles the best ones available on Netflix.

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