Eric for 'Eccentric! Chef Moon' Eric for 'Eccentric! Chef Moon'

K-Dramas that will make you fall for a handsome chef

If your ideal type of lover is someone that can cook, this recommendation is for you.  Have you already watched these K-Dramas with a protagonist chef?

Everyone loves how the K-Dramas are showing us adorable and good looking couples. Anyways, each person has a different love language. Today's recommendation is for those who are waiting for someone who is good for cooking.

These actors portrayed a chef role and all of them will make you fall for them. Great stories and delicious food. We  don't need to ask for anything else.

Adorable chefs in K-Dramas that you will love

1. Nevertheless - 2021

Let's start with a lovely chef. In this K-Drama we'll meet Yang Do Hyeok. He is a young man who owns a popular cooking show on the Internet.He has a crush on his childhood friend Yoo Nabi (Han So Hee).

Chae Jong Hyeop is the second lead in this show but, it doesn't matter, easily you will fall for his sweet behavior.

Chae Jong Hyeop for 'Nevertheless' / By @KPopandKdrama

2. Eccentric! Chef Moon - 2020

Eric, the leader of the legendary group Shinhwa, took the role of Moon Seung Mo. He is a popular chef who loves traditional Korean cuisine. He is trying to cook with organic ingredients.

After the death of his father he moves to a small village. There he will fall in love with a retired fashion designer. It is a great, perfect romantic story.

'Eccentric! Chef Moon' poster / By @wthbinnie

3. Oh My Ghost - 2015

Finally we have Jo Jung Suk as an egocentric chef. He is the owner of an exclusive restaurant. Eventually, he will fall for one of his employees. He doesn't know that Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) has been possessed by a ghost.

This show is hilarious and the main couple -or trio- have an amazing chemistry. It is a classic K-Drama.

'Oh My Ghost' poster / By @rajmohan2blue

Among all these K-Dramas, Which one do you want to see the most?

Would you rather watch some dramas about sports? This article is for you.

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