These K-Dramas were rejected by some actors These K-Dramas were rejected by some actors

K-Dramas that were rejected by actors and had other protagonists

Some actors declined to be the protagonists of these K-Dramas that in the end had other actors in their cast

Did you know that there are K-Dramas that would have had other protagonists? But the originally sought-after actors turned down the production.

There are a lot of Korean actors that we can admire and each one of them has different ways of working and embodying their characters. It is the variety of K-Drama stars that draw a lot of attention from fans. Almost no actor or actress is typecast in the same character.

And that's great, because that way we can get to know different facets of these Korean celebrities in each of their series. They always end up surprising us and letting us see that the talent of these actors really is spectacular. They are the ones who end up turning their dramas into classics for fans.

And sometimes we can't imagine a K-Drama without the actor who starred in it, right? The perfect stars are always found for the leading and even supporting roles in our favorite stories in Korean dramas. We can have endless examples.

But did you know that there are dramas that were going to have other actors? But they rejected the project and were finally starred by other K-Drama stars.

6 K-Dramas that were going to have other actors as leads but rejected the project

1. Pinocchio

Pinocchio was going to be stared originally by Kim Woo Bin, but he rejected the role there, so the production ended up getting Lee Jong Suk for this one.

Kim Woo Bin rejected Pincchio | Twitter: @kdramatreats

2. Descendants Of The Sun

There were three actors who rejected 'Descendants Of The Sun', Gong Yoo, Won Bin and Jo In Sung. This great drama was finally starred by Song Joong Ki.

These actors rejected Descendants Of The Sun | Twitter: @wbarchive

3. Cheese In The Trap

Kim Go Eun stars 'Cheese In The Trap' but the first option for this K-Drama was Be Suzy, but she rejected the role.

Bae Suzy rejectd Cheese In The Trap | Twitter: @TharieManda

4. My Girlfriend Is A Guminho

The first actress called for 'My Girlfriend Is A Guminho' was Jun Ji Hyun but she declined and then the production got Shin Min Ah who acted in this one.

Ju Ji Hyun didn't want to star My Girlfriend Is A Gumnho | Twitter: @taesdawn26

5. Moon Embracing The Sun

Kim Soo Hyun stars in 'Moon Embracing The Sun' and we loved him there, but the first option was actually Song Joong Ki, who rejected the offer.

Song Joong Ki rejected this drama | Twitter: @SJKDoingThings

6. The Heirs

Jung Yonghwa was going to act in 'The Heirs', but he didn't wanted to be another student in K-Dramas, so he rejected the role, but the production got Kim Woo Bin instead.

Yonghwa rejected The Heirs | Twitter: @cnthebluee

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