Park So Dam and Park Bo Gum for 'Record of Youth' Park So Dam and Park Bo Gum for 'Record of Youth'

K-Dramas that explain how difficult is to be a celebrity

Do you think being a celebrity is all about glamor and fame? These K-Dramas explore the hardships of being a public figure.

Do you want to  be famous? Most of the celebrities seem to have enviable lives. Great outfits, money and celebrity friends. But what is the cost of all that?

Being a public figure is for sure not easy. There is a lot of pressure to act, talk and even dress in the "correct" way.

Is obvious these K-Dramas were inspired by the Korean industry itself. Actors, Idols, singers  and comedians, no one can't avoid the price of the fame. Let's see famous people hardships.

K-Dramas with stories about the difficult lives of celebrities.

1. Record Of Youth (2020)

Sa Hye Jun (Park Bo Gum) is a model who is trying to have a successful acting career. Eventually he gets some good opportunities to show his talent.

However, not everything is perfect. He will struggle to have a healthy relationship with his family and girlfriend.

This show is not that dramatic but it can touch your heart with the beautiful story.

'Record Of Youth' poster / By @rosinmas

2. Touch Your Heart (2016)

Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) is a famous actress that is living a hard moment. She was involved in a scandal but she is innocent.

The lovely and warm artist is trying to gain a good reputation putting a lot of effort in her next role as a secretary. This is the reason why she will get hired as a real secretary in a law firm. 

It is a great comedy, no one can resist loving the lead couple.

'Touch Your Heart' poster / By @cinemadeinasia

3. The Producers (2015)

Cindy (IU) is a famous celebrity who got the title "Ice Princess" because of her attitude. She made her debut when she was just a child. Her current behavior is the result of various year in the industry.

We'll see that she actually is living a lonely life. On the inside She is not a bad person. Her life will change after meeting the rookie producer Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun).

'The Producer' poster / By @cinemadeinasia

What other K-Dramas about celebrities have you watched?

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