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K-Dramas starring Yeo Jin Goo that will make you fall for the young actor

Despite being young, this talented actor has worked on too many shows. Let's watch the best Yeo Jin Goo K-Dramas!

Even if you haven't watched the K-Dramas where Yeo Jin Goo is the protagonist, maybe you watched him in other projects. When he was just eight years old he started his acting career with the movie "Sad Movie".

Immediately, his acting skills allowed him to work too many movies and series. He even won the Best Child Actor at the SBS Drama Awards in 2008. He used to play the young version of the protagonist, this was the case in "Moon Embracing the Sun".

The 24 year-old actor is brilliant! With time his characters were growing up just like he was. Eventually, his roles were more important, and until he got the lead role.

He got a lot of experience despite his young age. Here are the best K-Dramas starring him that will conquer you. The handsome man has the best taste to choose his projects, all these stories are addictive.

The best Yeo Jin Goo K-Dramas

1. Hotel del Luna (2019)

Let's start with an awesome story. Here the actor is a skilled hotel manager who gets hired in a magic hotel room for ghosts. The lead role was portrayed by IU. The best option to watch o your free time.

'Hotel del Luna' poster / Twitter @PCYMAROMBA

2. My Absolute Boyfriend (2019)

Yeo Jin Goo played the role of a good-looking robot made to be the perfect boyfriend. The adorable Zero Nine will conquer your heart.

'My Absolute Boyfriend' poster / Twitter @Jwookhwan

3. The Crowned Clown (2019)

The actor can work with all genres. For this historical drama, he played two different characters the King and a Clown. Who will be the best ruler?

'The Crowned Clown' poster / Twitter @akkolaotako

4. Beyond Evil (2021)

This show is full of mystery and drama. You'll try to solve the crimes with the protagonists.

Han Joo Won (Yeo Jin Goo) is a detective who will be looking for the truth behind a murder. It sounds good, right?

'Beyond Evil' poster / Twitter @Adyaa2904

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