Watch these Son Ye Jin's dramas Watch these Son Ye Jin's dramas

K-Dramas starring Son Ye Jin to enjoy the great talents of this actress

Son Ye Jin is an excellent drama actress who has delighted us in many series, here we recommend some

There are a lot of things that we can admire about Son Ye Jin, this talented actress has starred in various Korean dramas that you can enjoy, which ones are the best?

Son Ye Jin is a great Korean actress who debuted in 2001, her first drama was 'Delicious Proposal', although the first role she had as an actress was in the cinema, in the movie 'Secret Tears'. Since then her career in acting has been growing and she has really charmed millions of fans all over the world.

We can note that Ye Jin has a much broader career in the world of K-Movies, she has participated in more than 20 films with which she has shown all her talents and different facets in her work. She though she also has quite a few K-Dramas in her career and some of them have brought her great relevance.

And it is that the popularization of Korean dramas has made everyone focus on the great talent that Son Ye Jin has lent to these series, so they have become really popular among K-Drama fans. She has really had great moments on Korean television.

So here we have some dramas starring Son Ye Jin, you can binge watch all of them and enjoy the great talents of this amazing Korean actress.

5 Dramas starring Son Ye Jin that you must watch right now

1. Something In The Rain

Year: 2018
Starring Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin

This drama is about a woman who is 30 years old and she's single, but something will change when her best friend's younger brother returns to town and she finds out she has some feelings abput him, will he reprocicrate these feelings?

Something In The Rain | Twitter: @parknoajimin

'Something In The Rain' has a magnificent story for you. 

2. Personal Taste

Year: 2010
Starring Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin

This drama is about Park Kae In who had a boyfriend for a really long time, but then they break-up, then there's this guy who gets into her life with his own proposes but he says he's gay... Then how come to be that they both will fall in love soon? 

'Personal Taste' has a great story for you and it's starred by Son Ye Jin.

3. Crash Landing On You

Year: 2020
Starring Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin

On this K-Drama we get to know a rich woman from South Korea and a North Korean oficer, he risk his life and job in order to help her and maybe love might be born right there.

Crash Landing On You | Twitter: @kdramarchive

'Crash Landing On You' is a classic you need to watch if you haven't done it yet.

4. Shark

Year: 2013
Starring Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin

On this K-Drama we'll get to know Han Yi Soo whose father died and then he could survive to death, a murder planned by the family of the love of his life. He gets adopted by a Japanese family and then he'd return to Korea in order to seek revenge.

Watch 'Shark' which has a very interesting plot for you.

5. Thirty Nine

Year: 2021
Starring Son Ye Jin,  Jeon Mi Do and Kim Ji Hyun

This one is about three best friends who are about to be 40 years old, but this won't mean that these women won't have new adventures and discover things they haven't lived yet.

Thirty Nine | Twitter: @theseoulstory

'Thirty Nine' has an amazing story for you. 

Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we have some about heroines disguising as men in the plots.

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