Watch These Park Eun Bin's dramas Watch These Park Eun Bin's dramas

K-Dramas starring Park Eun Bin, enjoy the best characters of this actress

Park Eun Bin is a great actress who has shown us her talent in a lot of Korean dramas

We love Park Eun Bin's talent in front of the cameras, this Korean actress has starred in a lot of series. Here we recommend some of them.

Park Eun Bin started her acting career since she was a child, when she was only 6 years old she debuted in her first drama which was 'White Nights 3.98' in 1998. Since then she kept learning and having more and more roles that have given her given a great experience as an actress.

Since then, Eun Bin has worked hard and her career is really full of Korean dramas in which she has acted. Although at first she obviously had supporting roles or supporting roles, she would soon make her own star characters that would leave their mark on audiences.

Today, Park Eun Bin is one of the most loved and admired Korean actresses by the public both in Korea and around the world. With the popularization of K-Dramas, Eun Bin's work has reached many more people around the world who today are her fans and support and admire her a lot.

If you still do not know the best of Park Eun Bin in acting, then here we recommend some K-Dramas starring this actress who have great characters. She really wowed the audience in these series.

6 Dramas starring Park Eun Bin, watch them all and choose your favorite

1. Hello, My Twenties!

Year: 2016
Starring Han Ye Ri and Park Eun Bin

This drama is about a group of 5 friends who live together in 'Belle Epoque', they have different stories, personalities and so on that are combined in their daily life. In addition to the fact that these girls also believe that they have a ghost, what adventures will they live?

'Hello, My Twenties!' is such a great drama you need to watch!

2. The King's Affection

Year: 2021
Starring Rowoon and Park Eun Bin
In this drama we meet a prince who had a twin sister but was left for dead. When he really passes away, his sister will take his place by dressing up as a boy, will anyone find out her true identity?

The King's Affection | Twitter: @Cinema__World

This is one of the most recent dramas in which we can see Park Eun Bin, so watch 'The King's Affection'.

3. Choco Bank

Year: 2016
Starring Kim Jong In and Park Eun Bin

This story is about a boy who has just graduated from university and later he will meet a girl, she wants to start her own business and both of them will start to be interested in financial matters together, what will they achieve as a duo?

'Choco Bank' is a cool K-Drama you can watch.

4. Judge vs. Judge

Year: 2018
Starring Park Eun Bin and Yeon Woo Jin

In this K-Drama we meet a judge who is defending the case of her brother who was unjustly accused of two crimes. In the process, her brother will be killed and now she will not rest until she knows the whole truth behind the accusation and death of her sibling.

Judge vs. Judge | Twitter: @_KdramALY

You need to watch the incredible story of 'Judge vs. Judge'.

5. The Ghost Detective

Year: 2018
Starring Choi Daniel and Park Eun Bin

This series is about a private investigator who catches ghosts, his fearless assistant will help him solve a lot of crimes. But everything will change when he dies and also becomes a ghost, what will happen now?

'The Ghost Detective' has a very interesting story you'll love.

6. Do You Like Brahms?

Year: 2020
Starring Park Eun Bin and Kim Min Jae

In this drama we will follow some classical music students who are chasing their dreams, one of them is a woman 7 years older than all the other students, what adventures will she have now?

Do You Like Brahms? | Twitter: @soonkyupsal

'Do You Like Brahms?' has a good story for you to watch.

Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we have some with kings and princes that will take you to the royal palace.

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