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K-Dramas starring Na In Woo that will make you fall in love with the good-looking actor

Do you want to explore Na In Woo's acting career? Here are the greatest K-Dramas with him, you'll fall in love with him.

Today we are talking about a super talented actor that is finally conquering the international public. Na In Woo is 27 year old Korean artist famous for his work in many famous K-Dramas and variety shows.

The handsome started his journey in the industry with the musical "Bachelor's Vegetable Store" in 2013. For the next few years, he participated in minor roles in many dramas. We saw him in "My Mom", the iconic show "Cinderella with Four Knights", " Golden Pouch" and more.

During his rookie days, he had the stage name Na Jong Chan. In 2019 he changed it for his actual name and apparently, it gave him good luck. Nowadays he is getting mostly male lead roles in popular series.

Na In Woo's career is becoming pretty successful. He has a lot of potential to be a Korean superstar. Don't you believe us? His brilliant performances in these dramas will make you fall for him immediately.

Na In Woo's K-Dramas to love the handsome actor even more

1. Mr. Queen (2020)

The actor conquered millions of hearts with his character Kim Byeong In, a noble man who is secretly in love with Queen Cheorin (Shin Hye Sun).

Na In Woo for 'Mr. Queen' / Twitter @TheSarangheOppa

2. Shine or Go Crazy (2015)

One of his first projects was "Shine or Go Crazy". it follows the love story of a prince who lives during the Goryeo age. He's pretty good at acting in historical dramas.

Na In Woo as Se Won / Twitter @kdramatreasure

3. Jinxed at First (2022)

It's time for a romantic comedy! Here the actor is Gong Soo Kwang a poor guy who is sure to have the worst luck. His life will change after meeting the mystic girl Lee Seul Bi, the character played by Seohyun of Girls' Generation. Their chemistry is out of this world!

'Jinxed at First' poster / Twitter @DramasDiary

4. Cleaning Up (2022)

This is an interesting show that follows the story of three hard-working cleaners These ladies are trying to gain money for their families. Na In Woo plays the role of the handsome Lee Doo Yeong.

'Cleaning Up' poster / Twitter @jsmndaily_

5. River Where the Moon Rises (2021)

This one is the favorite of too many. After a controversy with the original actor, Na In Woo took the male lead role. The change wasn't that bad, his character, On Dal, is wonderful!

'River Where the Moon Rises' poster / Twitter @DzoneMy

After watching these series you will be part of his fandom.

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