K-Dramas starring Lee Min Ho that you need to watch

Lee Min Ho made everyone fall in love with his acting and these dramas are essential to know his talent

Every year we discover new talents in K-Dramas, but there are some actors who have become known around the world thanks to the popularity of the series in which they participate. And Lee Min Ho, clearly, is one of them.

The King of Hallyu has not ceased to amaze us with his interpretations throughout his career, that is why every fan of Korean dramas should know their most prominent characters very well.

Here are 5 basic dramas to learn about Lee Min Ho's career, starting with the series that launched him to stardom and continuing to the last production where he has acted.

Best Korean Dramas starring Lee Min Ho that you must watch

1. Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers tells the story of a low-class girl who one day receives the opportunity to study at the most prestigious high school in Korea. After her arrival, realizes that she isn't welcome in the institution, but she will also face a group of boys who lead school and are known as the F4.

2. City Hunter

A man was betrayed by his superiors when he was a member of the army, after escaping he spends several years abroad training a young man named Lee Young Sung, so that he can become the City Hunter who will exact revenge on his behalf.

3. Legend Of The Blue Sea

Hae Joon Jae is a very attractive and strategic scammer. One day he meets a girl named Sim Chung, but unlike the people around him, she is a mermaid. Very soon they'll discover that this isn't the first time that their paths have come together, as there is a tragic destiny that haunts them.

4. The Heirs

Kim Tan is the illegitimate son of a powerful businessman. So that this boy doesn't aspire to be the successor of the conglomerate, he's sent to the United States and begins a new life there. On the other hand, Eun Sang is a poor girl who travels to Los Angeles using all of her family's savings. Although she must soon return to Korea guided by her disappointment, fate has something in store for her.

5. The King: Eternal Monarch

Lee Gon is the King of the Kingdom of Korea, a place that only exists in a parallel world to the Republic of Korea that we know in real life. As a child, his uncle killed Lee Gon's father and stole half of a powerful flute, since then he has remained in hiding, traveling from one world to the next.

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