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K-Dramas starring Lee Hyun Wook that will make you join his fandom

Are you looking for a good K-Drama to watch? Lee Hyun Wook has the greatest stories for you.

Today we're talking about an acclaimed actor that never fails. His projects are nothing but quality. He portrays just complicated characters that usually steal the spotlight. Yes, we were thinking the same: Lee Hyun-Wook.

The good-looking artist debuted in 200 with the short film "Repatriation". Since then, he was been working on tons of movies that received the best critics such as "The Target". His acting skills are wonderful.

Lee Hyun-Wook is an actor who gives the best of himself on the large screen, theather of tv series. That's why he won the Face in Shorts Awards at the Asiana International Short Film Festival in 2012.

Are curious about his career? We got you! Here are the best K-Dramas with the 37 year old actor. After watching these series you will find yourself joining officially his fandom. Let's explore the most iconic shows of his career!

Lee Hyun-Wook K-Dramas to know more about his career


1. Search (2020)

This thriller drama follows the story of a military group that is looking for the truth about some murder cases. The actor took the role of a soldier name Lee Joon Sung.

'Search' poster / Twitter @orenji_kwan

2. She Would Never Know (2021)

This romantic drama follows the story of Yoon Song Ah (Won Jin Ah). She is an expert in the cosmetic business. She has been in a relationship with Lee's character, Lee Jae Shin. Eventually, she falls in love with a younger man.

'She Would Never Know' poster / Twitter @DIJH1826

3. Hell Is Other People (2019)

Let's talk about this mystery drama. Lee Hyun Wook plays a minor role. However, the plot is really good. We'll see the strange lifestyle of the people who live at the Eden Studio. Lee Dong Wook is the protagonist. 

'Hell Is Other People' poster / Twitter @TamashiiNoOtaku

4. Mine (2021)

In this show, the actor is Han Ji Yong the husband of a former actress named Seo Hi Soo (Lee Bo Young). We'll see the rude world of an ambitious rich family.

'Mine' poster / Twitter @VesAsia_

Have you watched one of these great dramas?

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