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K-Dramas starring Kim Yoo Jung to fall for the young actress

Kim Yoo Jung is just 22 years old but she already has a successful acting career. Here are some of her best K-Dramas.

When Kim Yoo Jung was just 4 years old she debuted as a child actress. She caught the attention of the Korean public for her natural charisma and, of course, her unbelievable beauty.

Nowadays, she is a big star who has worked in  various K-Dramas. If you want to know more about her career you need to watch these great stories.

K-Dramas starring Kim Yoo Jung to enjoy of her acting skills

1. Lovers of the Red Sky - 2021

The actress looks even more beautiful in the historical dramas. Here she took the role of Hong Chun Gi, the first female painter during the Joseon Dynasty. It is a wonderful love story.

'Lovers of the Red Sky' poster / By @VlovesHexiie

2. Backstreet Rookie Saet-byul - 2020

Jung Saet Byul is the new employee of a convenience store. The owner is a handsome and kind man.

All we have to say is that the chemistry is amazing between the actress and Ji Chang Wook.

'Backstreet Rookie' poster / By @noonangtaon

3. Love in the Moonlight - 2016

This adorable show has the actress and Park Bo Gum as the lead couple. Of course it worked perfectly.

She is Hong Ra On, a young lady who pretends to be a man to gain some money. She gets hired in the royal palace as an eunuch. Eventually she falls for the prince.

What are you waiting for to watch this K-Drama? 

'Love in the Moonlight' poster / By @NewOnNetflixUK

What other K-dramas starring Kim Yoo Jung do you like?

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