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K-Dramas starring EXO's Kai to enjoy his acting skills

Do you want to see  the handsome EXO's Kai acting? He has various projects with great stories for you.

Who is one of the most famous Korean Idols because of his fancams? Yes, we are thinking the same: Kai from EXO.

Since his debut the Idol caught the attention of the public thanks to his amazing dancing skills. However, Kim Jongin is an all rounder artist, he is a great vocalist, model and actor as well. 

If you haven't seen his facet as an actor, the time has come. We are telling you the best K-Dramas Kai worked in.

EXO's Kai K-Dramas you need to watch

1. EXO next Door (2015)

The first time we saw Kai acting was in the mini-drama of his group. Here he played the role of himself.

The protagonist of this story is his  teammate Chanyeol. However, Kai arrived on this show to add a love triangle. It is a need in all K-Dramas.

Moon Ga Young and Kai for 'EXO next Door' / By @_Kyungsoo_lover

2. Choco Bank (2016)

In 2016 Kai got his first male lead role on a K-Drama. It broke records in viewership ranking among the web-dramas

For this show he is Kim Eun Haeng, a just graduated who is having a hard time finding a job. It explores the unemployment issue among young adults in Korea but with a little touch of  romance.

'Choco Bank' poster / By @IAJosy

3. Andante (2017)

Lee Shi Kyung is a high school student who abruptly moves to the countryside because of the financial struggles of his mom. During the period in this small village he will fall in love with a unique girl called Kim Bom (Kim Jin Kyun).

This time plays a more childish character. He did a great job portraying how the protagonist is changing.

'Andante' poster / By @jyvipft

4. Spring Has Come (2018)

The talent of Kai was crossing the mares. In 2018 he became  the protagonist of the Japanese production Spring Has Come. It is based on a novel with the same name by Kuniko Makoda.

It is a more mature love story between a 31 years old woman and a South Korean photographer. What kind of problem will Kishikawa Naoko and Lee Ji Won?

'Spring Has Come' poster / By @EXO_Brasil

5. The Miracle We Met (2018)

For this show Kai is the God Ato. He is trying to fix a big mistake. By accident an ordinary man dies but his soul gets into  the body of another man.

This K-Drama is hilarious and emotional at the same time. It is a good option to watch in your free time.

Kai for 'The Miracle That We Met' / By @DM_lh7

We are wishing for more dramas with Kai. Among all these, what is your favorite?

Do you want to know more about the acting careers of EXO members? Check out this article, we have all the information for you.

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