K-Dramas starred by Park Seo Joon K-Dramas starred by Park Seo Joon

K-Dramas starred by Park Seo Joon with some of his best characters

Park Seo Joon has long career in K-Drama, and he has starred in a lot of stories, which ones are the best?

K-Drama fans are totally amazed by Park Seo Joon's talents, he has starred in some dramas that you must watch, here we will tell you which are the best ones.

Park Seo Joon was born in December 16, 1988 in Seoul, South Korea, he wanted to become an actor since he was in highschool, but back then, their parents would like him to have good grades, so he had to study hard and also started with acting classes.

Later, he decided to keep pursuing his dream, so he specialized in theater at the Kyungpook National University, that's how he prepared all of his skills to shine bright in front of cameras. After his military service, he has his debut in a movie.

And in 2012, Seo Joon had his first appearance on a drama, he was part of the cast in Dream High 2, a musical production where he could also show his talent as a singer. Since then he had more roles and characters in diferrent series and movies.

Now, as he's a famous actor with a long career, he has had some great leads in some dramas and you need to watch all of them, here we have the best K-Dramas starred by Park Seo Joon.

4 Park Seo Joon's dramas, the actor starred in these K-Dramas

1. She Was Pretty

Year: 2015
Starring Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon

This drama tells the story of a couple of friends who meet during childhood, she was rich and pretty while he was kinda unattractive. Then she loses her money and  sightliness even if he stays by her side, they are separated and reunite in the future.

She Was Pretty | Twitter: @oifilixx

Watch 'She Was Pretty' with a Park Seo Joon's character that you's love.

2. Fight For My Way

Year: 2017
Starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won

On this production, we'll get to know four friends who are trying to achieve their goals and make their wishes come true, they also will find out more about their feelings and see how much their other friends support them.

Fight For My Way | Twitter: @seojoonjiwon

'Fight For My Way' has an amazing story that you need to watch. 

3. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Year: 2018
Starring Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young

The plot of this drama is about a woman who has been working for her boss for years, but it seems like he can't see that she needs some rest or a better way to live instead of just serving him, so she decides to quit her job and everything will change.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? | Twitter: @kdrama88

If you haven't watched 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?', you really need to start ASAP with its episodes. 

4. Itaewon Class

Year: 2020
Starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Da Mi

This is a great drama in which we'll follow Park Sae-ro-yi's story, he went to jail due to his attempt to kill Jang Geun Won, the son of Jangga Group's founder. When he's out of jail he tries to seek revenge towards that group.

Itaewon Class | Twitter: @oifilixx

'Itaewon Class' has an incredible plot which you need to watch.

Keep watching more K-Dramas, you might like these ones that are Netflix Original Series. 

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