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K-Dramas on air that you can watch on Viki, discover new episodes every week

What Korean dramas are currently airing? Some of them are available on Viki, here we recommend them

There are a lot of new dramas that you can watch on Viki and the best thing is when the platform has premieres that have new episodes every week, what airing K-Dramas can you watch?

Fans of Korean dramas can not only enjoy series that have already been released before and have become classics and favorites for all audiences. There are also a lot of new dramas that are released every month and that manage to catch the viewers with their plots.

And the best thing is when there are platforms that decide to launch the premiere of new episodes every week, so it is easier for the K-Dramas that are being broadcast on Korean television to be seen almost at the same time all over the world. So we can enjoy the freshest in the entertainment industry from anywhere on the planet.

Viki is one of those platforms where there are thousands of options for drama fans, this website and app contains a lot of Korean series in its catalog that we can enjoy. And it also premieres new episodes of both original series and those that are being broadcast on Korean television.

So here we recommend some dramas on air that you can watch on Viki, here we have the best ones for you, so you can watch them from the platform.

5 Airing Korean dramas you can watch on Viki

1. Sh**ting Stars

Year: 2022
Starring Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae

This K-Drama is about a woman and a man who are in the spotlight for different reasons, but as they're public figures, they must be careful with their behavior and personality to take care of their images. Both understand each other and this might help them.

Sh**ting Stars | Twitter: @twcynosure

 You can watch 'Sh**ting Stars' on Viki with its new episodes premiering.

2. From Now On, Showtime!

Year: 2022
Starring Park Hae Jin and Jin Ki Joo

This drama is about a famouse TV magician who has impressed the audience with his tricks, everyone knows he makes the best magic for the public but he has some kind of dark secret that might scare his fans if someone finds out about it.

On Viki you can watch 'From Now On, Showtime!' and its interesting story.

3. Again My Life

Year: 2022
Starring Lee Joon Gi and Kim Ji Eun

This Korean drama is about a prosecutor who's investigating everything about a corruption case, then he gets murdered just when he was about to find the truth. But life gave him a new chance, he returns to his University days and must discover what happened when someone killed him.

Again My Life | Twitter: @pipierloes_

 You'll love the story of 'Again My Life' which is on air, so watch it!

4. Ocean Likes Me

Year: 2022
Starring Han Gi Chan and HOLLAND

This is a BL drama about a man who opens his own Udon restaurant as it was something he always dreamed about, but it comes to be that it's not as easy as he tought it was going to be. But something changes when he meets a guy and he might help him.

Viki has new episodes of 'Ocean Likes Me' every week, then watch this drama there!

5. Hope Or Dope

Year: 2022
Starring Yoon Chan Young and Won Ji An

On this drama we'll get to know the story of a girl who is on her last year of highschool but she's a dealer since her mom makes her sell drugs. Once she has a mistake, she has to run away and finds a field full of marijuana, what will she do from now on?

Hope Or Dope | Twitter: @kaiyeology

'Hope Or Dope' has an interesting story which you can watch on Viki. 

Keep watching more dramas, here we have some starring Ahn Bo Hyun that you'll need on your watchlist.

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