K-Dramas based on the best webtoons K-Dramas based on the best webtoons

K-Dramas based on webtoons that every fan should binge watch

A lot of Korean dramas base their plots on webtoons and here we recommend some of them

Although in K-Dramas we can find many original stories, there are also series that are adapted from webtoons, here we have the best ones for you to watch.

In South Korea there are various forms of entertainment, one of them is webtoons, these are digital comics that many people read in their spare time. And it is that who does not like to follow a story with many adventures and great drawings of cartoonists and designers who are dedicated to publishing their work.

Some webtoons are so popular that it is decided to take them to a new world and adapt them for television. So we have more adventures to enjoy in K-Dramas. Although it might seem difficult for an animated character to be in live action now, the writers, directors, and actors do a great job of staying true to the original work.

So there are Korean dramas that have become a favorite of the public and actually based their stories on a webtoon, so we can admire the best of both worlds or meet characters that came from the mind of a creative cartoonist in live action.

Here we have for you some webtoon-based K-Dramas that you really need to watch. These are the favorites of the audience.

7 Korean dramas based on webtoons that have the best stories for you

1. Tomorrow

Year: 2022
Starring Kim Hee Sun, SF9's Rowoon and Lee Soo Hyuk

This drama is about a guy who starts working for angels of death, they must take care of the world and prevent suicides but right now they're in a crisis, will the help of this guy overcome it?

Tomorrow | Twitter: @cess4evah

Watch 'Tomorrow' with the best actors and a great story. 

2. True Beauty

Year: 2020
Starring Park Min Young, Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop

This K-Drama tells the story of a girl who finds the power of makeup and she becomes the most popular and beautiful student of her school. But there's a guy who knows her secret, and he has some deep secrets too.

'True Beauty' has become one of the fan-favorite dramas and it's based on a webtoon.

3. Itaewon Class

Year: 2020
Starring Park Seo Joon and Yoo Jae Myung

This series is about a boy who goes to prison, when he gets out of there he decides to follow in his father's footsteps and open his own restaurant. There he meets another group that will decide to end the injustices of the world, how will they work?

Itaewon Class | Twitter: @130mood__crispy

If you haven't watched 'Itaewon Class', this is the sign that you were waiting for. 

4. The Uncanny Counter

Year: 2020
Starring Jo Byung Gyu and Yoo Jun Sang

In this story we will see a group of people who work in a restaurant, but in reality they have supernatural powers that allow them to hunt demons and they will have endless adventures.

'The Uncanny Counter' has a great story that you need to watch.

5. Love Alarm

Year: 2019
Starring Kim So Hyun, Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram

This K-Drama takes us on a story about a mobile app which will tell you if there's someone who has feelings for you around you. A girl finds out about the love of someone and she might reciprocate his feelings.

Love Alarm | Twitter: @ShiroNozomi

'Love Alarm' is such a popular drama and it's based on a webtoon. 

6. All Of Us Are Dead

Year: 2022

Starring Park Jihu and Yoon Chanyoung

This Netflix original K-Drama is based on a webtoon and takes us to a highschool where a zombie virus attacks the students, some of them must survive but they'll fight to achieve it.

We all loved 'All Of Us Are Dead', so you better watch it.

7. Yumi's Cells

Year: 2021
Starring: Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun

This drama is about a woman who has this cute cells which help her with her emotions and more. She's an office worker who falls in love with someone  and she'll try to find love and keep her life in a good balance.

Yumi's Cells | Twitter: @jennievvvv

You'll love the full story of 'Yumi's Cells', so watch this K-Drama!

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