Jungkook's BTS VLOG Jungkook's BTS VLOG

Jungkook went camping for his BTS VLOG, what was the best thing about his video?

ARMY has a lot of new BTS content with their vlogs and this time Jungkook premiered his, what was it about?

BTS members have been releasing individual vlogs where they show a different side of themselves to ARMY, this time it was Jungkook's turn who took us camping.

BTS not only cares about giving ARMY the best music, the idol group also cares about giving their fans much more very interesting content, we always have a lot of videos, behind the scenes and others that let us see beyond what that the Bangtan Boys do on stage.

This time, the K-Pop group has created BTS VLOG, with weekly and individual videos of its members. This is not something exactly new, since it had already been tried before with small logs at Christmas so that ARMY could enjoy the idols on vacation.

This time with these vlogs we have seen the members in different activities. Taehyung driving, Jimin making his own bracelet, J-Hope showed us more of Jack In The Box, and RM took us on a grand tour of Switzerland. Now it was Jungkook turn, the maknae of the idol group had his own adventure.

What happened in Jungkook's vlog? Here we have the best of the video of him, we all went camping with the maknae of BTS.

Jungkook's best moments in his BTS VLOG, how was camping with the idol?

1. Jungkook driving

OMG, even if this wasn't a driving vlog, Jungkook did it well, and it made ARMY's hearts flutter... It was great, he has amazing skills at driving.

Jungkook driving | Twitter: @tanniekosmossss

2. Jungkook eating

Aww! ARMY loves it when Jungkook is eating, this time he got one of those spiral fries and ate them in his car, it was great, it was endearing.

Jungkook loves to eat | Twitter: @blckswnjimin

3. Jungkook in the beach

Jungkook went to the beach for his camping vlog, it was great to see him by the sea, he looked really happy. He arrived to the place when there was still sunny.

Jungkook wento to the beach | Twitter: @jeonkoosparkle

4. Jungkook missing BTS

Aw! All the BTS members missed each other while filming their vlogs and Jungkook did it too! He was wondering what the others were doing and then he just said that he missed them, OMG.

Jungkook missed BTS | Twitter: @btsqtsarchive

5. Jungkook camping

Well, the actual main theme here, Jungkook camping, from his travel, to his preparation,  eberything was pretty cool, we loved it.

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