BTS, Jungkook and PSY on Billboard BTS, Jungkook and PSY on Billboard

Jungkook joins BTS and PSY as the only Korean artists to appear on this Billboard chart

Billboard has many top charts and PSY, BTS, and now Jungkook are the only Koreans to dominate one of them

Jungkook is everywhere and his individual work has already charted on Spotify and iTunes, for example. But this idol is also dominating Billboard charts and there is one of them that only a few Korean artists have entered.

BTS is an amazing idol group, there is no doubt that BigHit Entertainment found the most talented and dedicated guys for this boy band. Among the members of Bangtan we have Jeon Jungkook, who is in fact the youngest member in the group, but that does not stop him from being extremely talented.

Jungkook has stood out with his beautiful voice and great ranges, he is also excellent as a dancer and we know very well that he has given his best both in the studio and on stage. Not only has he worked with Bangtan Sonyeondan, JK also has some solo songs and covers.

In addition to that his recent collaboration with Charlie Puth has also placed him individually on many major international music charts. 'Left & Right' has been taking the top spots on Spotify, iTunes and even Billboard, the most relevant institution.

This time, Jungkook joined BTS and PSY as the only Korean artists to take one of the Billboard charts, which one is it? ARMY has been supporting JK so well.

Jungkook appears on Billboard Radio Songs Chart and joins PSY and BTS as the only Korean artists to rank on this

Charlie Puth and Jungkook's 'Left And Right' debuted at #50 on the Billboard Radio Songs Chart, which is why JK now joins BTS and PSY as the only 3 Korean artists to appear on this Billboard chart. BTS has done it with 'Dynamite' and 'My Universe', while PSY did it with 'Gangnam Style'.

Jungkook and Charlie Puth on Billboard Radio Songs | Twitter: @JeonJungkook_BR

Woah! Jungkook and Charlie Puth continue to make it big with 'Left & Right', it's just great to see how much support their collaboration has received. 

Jungkook is also the first and only Korean soloist on this Spotify list

Also thanks to 'Left & Right', Jungkook is the first and only Korean artist to spend 40 days on Spotify USA Top Songs Daily Chart, this is the highest record for a Korean artist as well, isn't that amazing? JK's power is second to none, he is an idol who inspires the world.

We know that Jungkook will continue to succeed as a solo artist, these achievements are only thanks to all the support he has received from ARMY, it's just great.

Keep reading more about BTS and their collaborations, like 'bad decisions' which is about to be released. 

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