Jung Hoyeon's fun facts Jung Hoyeon's fun facts

Jung Hoyeon fun facts to get to know this actress better

Learn more about Jung Hoyeon with the fun facts we have for you

Jung Hoyeon conquered the world in 2021 for her performance in Squid Game, learn more about her and her career with some fun facts.

Jung Hoyeon is a Korean actress and model who was born on June 23, 1994 in Seoul, South Korea. Before debuting in her first K-Drama, she was a model for brands in Korea and also for some that operate globally. In fact, she was already in the United States before becoming an actress.

Many fans met Hoyeon in 'Squid Game', the Netflix original drama that became extremely popular since its premiere in 2021. She played Kang Sae Byeok there and not only surprised with her visuals in this series, but also with her great way to act. The world was at her feet from then on.

So a new path was opened for this Korean actress and soon she will have new projects, it's no secret that she will be part of 'Disclaimer', an AppleTV+ series. So we still have a lot to see of Jung Hoyeon and her talents in front of the cameras. Her fans are still on the lookout for everything about her.

Do you want to know about Jung Hoyeon? Here we have some fun facts about this model and actress for you, get to know her better with these facts.

6 Fun facts about Jung Hoyeon that you might not know before

1. Jung Hoyeon's best friend

It's not a secret that one of the Jung Hoyeon's best friends is BLACKPINK's Jennie, this idol even visited on set while Hoyeon was filming 'Squid Game', and we've seen them together in other times too!

Hoyeon and Jennie besties | Twitter: @jnklaina

2. Jung Hoyeon's boyfriend

Did you know that Hoyeon has a boyfriend? It's the actor Lee Dong Hwi, they have been together since 2015. They met each other through some mutual friends.

Hoyeon and Dong Hwi | Twitter: @kdramamor

3. Jung Hoyeon's family

Jung Hoyeon's family consists of his mom, dad, and he has 2 sisters, one older and one younger. She is the middle child. Although the names of her parents are not known, it is known that her father has a restaurant.

Jung Hoyeon and her sisters | Twitter: @@kpopers_family

4. Iconic Jung Hoyeon

Once, Jung Hoyeon had an iconic look, she dyed her hair red and looked amazing, that was some kind of personal stamp which she used to have, our redhead Hoyeon.

An iconic Hoyeon | Twitter: @thinkerhoyeon

5. Hoyeon and The Weeknd

Hoyeon has appeared in some MVs from South Korean artists, but she also appeared on the music video of 'Out Of Time', a song by The Weeknd.

6. Jung Hoyeon's awards

Jung Hoyeon has won 1 award until now, she got the U+ Idol Live Popularity Award at the 2021 Asia Artist Award. She's now nominated to 58th Baeksang Arts Award and 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Jung Hoyeon's awards | Twitter: @WomenThinkerrr

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