Watch these Jun Ji Hyun K-Dramas Watch these Jun Ji Hyun K-Dramas

Jun Ji Hyun's K-Dramas to get to know all of the talent of this actress

Jun Ji Hyun is an excellent Korean actress, here we recommend some of her dramas

Jun Ji Hyun has a good career in K-Dramas, do you already have your favorite series of this actress? Choose one of these that we recommend.

Jun Ji Hyun is an excellent Korean actress who was born in Seoul on October 30, 1981. She studied at Dongguk University College of Theater and Film to become an actress. Although her career began in 1997 and at that time she was dedicated to being a model. After participating in various advertisements, she finally made it to television.

The first K-Drama in which Ji Hyun acted was 'The Season of Puberty', later her career would grow in dramas and she would also become an MC of the Korean music show 'Inkigayo'. In the cinema Jun Ji Hyun would also steal the spotlight, his debut on the big screen was in 1999 with the movie 'White Valentine'.

To tell the truth, Jun Ji Hyun's career has more film productions than for television. But in his K-Dramas he has also had great roles that have delighted all the fans. The popularization of Korean series has made it gain fans all over the world.

So here we have some of the dramas in which Jun Ji Hyun has acted, be sure to watch these productions with this great and well-known actress.

5 Jun Ji Hyun dramas, choose your favorite of this amazing Korean actress

1. Legend Of The Blue Sea

Year: 2016
Starring Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun

This K-Drama is about the love of a mermaid with a man, in the past they both met when he defended her. But after a long time, he came back, albeit as a new person. Will she be able to win him back?

Legend Of The Blue Sea | Twitter: @CardarelliDina

'Legend Of The Blue Sea' has an amazing story for you. 

2. Kingdom

Year: 2019
Starring Ju Ji Hoon and Ryu Seung Ryong

This series follows a prince during the Joseon era who is searching for a cure for a strange zombie virus that is spreading through his kingdom. So we will follow him on this great adventure.

Jun Ji Hyun has a special appearance in 'Kingdom', so you better watch it.

3. My Love From The Star

Year: 2013
Starring Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun

This drama is about an alien who has lived on earth for many years, he landed in the world during the Joseon era. In the present it is time for him to leave the planet but everything changes when a woman has an accident with him.

My Love From The Star | Twitter: @seokrororo

You'll love the story of 'My Love From The Star', so watch this great K-Drama. 

4. Happy Together

Year: 1999
Starring Lee Byung Hun and Song Seung Heon

This is an interesting K-Drama in which we will see an aspiring professional baseball player. He wants to find his brothers from whom he was separated in childhood and he could achieve it but also get a big surprise.

'Happy Together' was one of the first K-Dramas in which Jun Ji Hyun acted.

5. Jirisan

Year: 2021
Starring Ju Ji Hoon and Jun Ji Hyun

This series is about the rangers who work in the Jiri Mountain National Park. Soon they will have to venture out to rescue a group of hikers and will also reveal the mysteries that surround this place.

Jirisan | Twitter: @kdramanews_

Watch 'Jirisan' a drama starring Jun Ji Hyun. 

We have more K-Dramas for you, here are some that you can watch on Netflix, they all are full of mystery.

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