Best Jimin's outfits in the airport Best Jimin's outfits in the airport

Jimin's airport outfits that show the fashion sense of this BTS member

Jimin has great style and every time he takes a plane he turns the airport into his catwalk with the best outfits

There are a lot of things we can admire about the members of BTS, aside from their musical talents. Like their own style that allows us to find the great sense of fashion that they have, especially Jimin with his best airport outfits.

BTS idols are extremely talented artists dedicated to music. One of them is Park Jimin who has worked as an excellent dancer, but also has a great way of singing. His sweet and soft voice gives each Bangtan song a special and unique stamp that ARMY loves.

Jimin also has a cute personality, he's kind and sweet. Although he is also an extremely funny, witty and creative person. Mochi has revealed the best of himself to his fans through different content such as interviews, variety shows, behind the scenes, and more that is available to ARMYs.

And we can't forget about Jimin's visuals, he is one of the most attractive K-Pop artists, with physical characteristics that many fans admire and who obviously see him as handsome as only he is. He also has a great style and fashion sense that further highlights his visual characteristics with each garment or accessory he wears.

So here we will appreciate some of Jimin's airport outfits that have left us totally speechless, we love to see the great style of this BTS idol and the way in which he wears his clothes.

8 Jimin's airport outfits with which he has become a great model

1. Rockstar

Jimin looks like a rockstar in this outfit, wearing a white t-shirt, another layer with a yellow checkered shirt, and then his leather jacket that adds a cool touch. The beanie and sunglasses are not missing, skinny black pants and boots with which he looks great.

Jimin looks like a rockstar here | Twitter: @ROCKSTARJIMlN

2. Denim

Denim looks super good on Jimin, the idol once wore this outfit with a jacket and pants made of said material. In addition to a black shirt and boots as well as sunglasses that gave a contrast to the light color of the denim.

Jimin in Denim | Twitter: @_95VANTE

3. Cute

This one is a really cute outift, I mean, Jimin is wearing this jacket which makes him look like a bear, it might have been a cold day, so he neded to be warm. It was a brown jacket and he was also wearing black pants.

Jimin looks cute with this outfit | Twitter: @DI0RVANTE

4. Puffy jacket

Jimin wearing a puffy jacket is everything you need, this outfit might look simple but looks pretty cool on the idol. Maybe it's also because of this silver colored hair he had back then.

Jimin's puffy jacket | Twitter: @JMNF4IRIE

5. Black

Jimin has a lot of black outfits on his airport fashion, but this one... we can't get over it! He's wearing this kind of coat made out of leather and OMG, it's blonde Mochi... Will drive you crazy.

Jimin in black | Twitter: @ROCKSTARJIMlN

6. Turtle neck

This other one is so iconic, we're sure that Jimin looks really really good with turtle neck and this black coat, is really amazing.

We loved this outfit too! | Twitter: @_95VANTE

7. Shorts

Well, when it's cold, Jimin needs a good jacket or coat but when it's hot... He wears shorts, and this one is a really light outfit with a white shirt and beige shorts, simple but beautiful on the idol.

Jimin and his shorts | Twitter: @DI0RVANTE

8. Blue coat

Look at this one, Jimin looks like a true model with this long blue coat and the sunglasses, dude! He slayed with this outfit, we loved it sooo much. Extra points since he's using a beret too!

Jimin is a true fashionista | Twitter: @Jhope___Jin

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