Jimin released 'With You' as a part of Our Blues OST Jimin released 'With You' as a part of Our Blues OST

Jimin released With You for Our Blues, this is everything we love about the OST

Jimin worked with Ha Sung Woon for 'With You', the first BTS' members OST is here and it was just amazing

Jimin is part of the K-Drama 'Our Blues' soundtrack with a special song called 'With You', what's the best about this new OST? We loved everything about it.

BTS members won't only limit their talents and musical abilities to the songs of the group, they have some soslo tracks too and we can talk a lot about the way they have been working for OST for dramas too.

Members like Taehyung and Jin appeared in K-Drama world with their different and special songs and ARMY loves to listen to those songs which were released as a OST to givre music to a beautiful story.

This time it's Jimin who was conffirmed to have a special appareance in the new drama 'Our Blues'. Fans were truly excited about this since it's Park Jimin's first OST ever. And we coudn't wait for its realease.

It's here! Jimin's OST was just released and here's everything we love about 'With You', a great song that you'll love.

4 things we loved about With You, this is the best about Jimin's OST for Our Blues

1. The MV

This OST has a warmth MV with a lot of scenes from 'Our Blues', even if we can't see Jimin, his voice sounds beautiful in the music video for the soundtrack.

2. The sound

The sound of this OST made by Jimin and Ha Sung Woon is just amazing, it's such a cute ballad which we loved so much. It's a calm melody but it's also full of feelings.

With You by Jimin and Ha Sung Woon is a great melody | Twitter: @charts_k

3. The lyrics

Of course that the lyrics for With You are simply amazing, full of love and with a lot of feelings reflected on each phrase which is part of the song.

I wanna be with you

And I wanna stay with you

Just like the stars shining bright

You're glowing once more

4. Jimin's voice

We absolutely loved Jimin's voice in this song, it's so calm and sweet but it's also full of confidence and it makes a great point for the singer and the song. This OST might be soothing for ARMY.

And that's it, 'With You' is such an a amazing song, 'Our Blues' has a great melody which ARMY loves so much. We're sure that this one is gonna break a lot of records thanks to fans support.

While you stream 'With You', keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Suga and his best looks we can't stop loving. 

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