Jimin on BTS VLOG Jimin on BTS VLOG

Jimin had fun at the bracelet workshop for his BTS VLOG, what was he doing?

Jimin's vlog for BTS VLOG has already premiered, what was this idol doing in his video? Here we have the best of it

ARMY has a lot of BTS content thanks to the vlogs that the idols have been releasing, this time it was Jimin's turn who was in the bracelet workshop and worked hard for this video.

BTS always cares to give ARMY the best, be it in music, performances and other content as well. This is why the idol group releases a lot of videos on YouTube, their behind-the-scenes, special moments, and they even had their variety show Run! BTS who had the best moments for fans.

In this 2022, Run! BTS is on hiatus, but Bangtan Sonyeondan keeps releasing more content for their fans. This time they decided to release BTS VLOG, a series of videos recorded and shared by the members of the boy band. In these they do various activities that they share with their fans.

Saturdays are the days when we have the premiere of a new Bangtan Boys vlog, and we have already seen the adventures of some of them like Taehyung and J-Hope, who shared something they wanted in their videos. Their adventures have been extremely interesting now that they are more on an individual path than a group one.

This time, it was Jimin who uploaded his vlog and showed us his work making bracelets, what was the best thing about this new video? The BTS idol had a lot of fun.

The best of Jimin in his BTS VLOG in the bracelet workshop

1. Jimin working hard

Jimin was working hard during this vlog since he had to use a lot of tools and special stuff to make his bracelet, it was fun to watching him use those tools and make something with his hands, OMG.

2. The reason of the vlog

Jimin said that as he likes accessories so much, he wanted to go to a worshop and make one by himself, he said he wanted to do something simple like a bracelet but we know that it wasn't that simple.

Jimin wanted to do this vlog since he likes accessories so much | Twitter: @btsqtsarchive

3. Jimin missing BTS

Jimin also said that he was kinda missing BTS since he was filming all alone and his experiences are always with his groupmates, awww! So cute.

Jimin missed BTS while filming | Twitter: @btsqtsarchive

4. The result

Jimin showed the result of his hard workd, this was the bracelet he made all by himself, isn't it pretty? We loved it! It's just amazing.

Jimin's bracelet | Twitter: @jmnsource

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we tell you more about Jin who might debut as an actor soon. 

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