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Jaw-dropping TWICE's Momo solo performances to enjoy her dancing skills

Momo, the main dancer of TWICE is super talented. She will shock you with these solo performances.

We are used to watching the flawless choreographies that TWICE prepared. As time goes on, the K-Pop sensation has been performing more complicated dances. Songs like "I Can't Stop Me" or "Dance The Night Away" need a lot of energy.

All the members are really skillful dancers. However, Momo stands out because of her brilliant way to control the stage. The beautiful Idol is a skillful dancer, she can dominate any style. In Addition, her stage presence is wonderful!

Momo was really young when she moved to Korea to pursue her dream. She became a trainee of JYP Entertainment in 2012. Even though her pre-debut days were not easy, this Japanese lady finally debuted in 2015 as a member of TWICE.

Since then, she has been collecting hearts all over the world thanks to her natural charisma and hard work. Previously we have seen her rocking the stage by herself. Here are her best solo performances. Be ready to join her own fandom.

The best solo performances of TWICE's Momo

1. Dangerous Love

In 2016 Momo participated in the Tv show Hit The Stage. Here we watched her performing tons of great choreographies. This was could be a professional contemporary dance show. Mostly, all the steps are pretty hard, Mina was amazing as well.

2. FANCY (Fancam)

This is not a solo performance, however, MOMO's video while dancing FANCY became viral in the K-pop fanatic world. Her way to follow the rhythm is amazing! Also, she looks stunning.

3. Vampire Momo’s Bloody Dance

Despite being pretty nervous, Momo gave us this shocking performance. Is hard to believe that she was just a rookie during this show. Her charisma is not a joke!

4. MOMO Performance Project

In just 2 minutes and 20 seconds, Momo confirms that she is one of the sexiest Idols of the moment. We can see how good she is to perform different dancing styles. Such a masterpiece!

What performance is your favorite?

Momo is also an animal lover. Check here what she did to have a good time with her dogs.

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