Songs by K-Pop groups in Japanese Songs by K-Pop groups in Japanese

Japanese songs by K-Pop groups that conquered their fans outside of Korea

Our favorite idol groups go J-Pop with their Japanese songs that have become our favorites

A lot of K-Pop groups extend their market to Japan and present Japanese songs for their J-Fans, here are some of those songs that have become our favorites.

K-Pop has a wide variety for fans. And it is that each group is unique and different, in addition to trying out various concepts that lead us to discover various facets of the artists who play in each boy band or girl group. All of them have shown great talent throughout their careers.

At first, K-Pop was obviously popular music only in Korea, but little by little the groups of this musical genre spread to different markets. China and Japan were among the first countries conquered by the music that Korean idols presented. After taking over Asia, idol groups also came to the West.

And taking Japan into account, this is one of the countries that consumes the most K-Pop. There are fanbases there of a lot of idol groups, they often have concerts and fanmeetings for their loyal Japanese fans who have followed them for a long time and placed on the top music charts in that country.

So it's common for our favorite K-Pop groups to release songs in Japanese, sometimes they're covers of their original Korean songs and sometimes original Japanese tracks. Let's focus on the seconds that became our favorites.

10 Japanese songs from our favorite K-Pop groups

1. Wishing On A Star by BTS

In 2016, BTS released 'Youth' on this album we can listen to the Japanese song 'Wishing On A Star', one of our favorites as it's very chill and cool. We love the vocals in this beautiful track and also the rapping of the Bangtan rappers.

2. Electric Kiss by EXO

'Electric Kiss' is a Japanese song by EXO that we can listen to in their 2018 release 'Countdown'. This is a track with all the style and imprint of the idol group, a song full of energy and quite phenomenal.

3. Fallin' Flower by SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN never disappoints J-Carat and although we have a lot of songs that we could put in this top, there is nothing like 'Fallin' Flower', a beautiful song that highlights all the talents of SVT's idols. (Although you can also listen to 'Call Call Call!' or '24H').

4. X-Phenomenom by MONSTA X

MONSTA X has a high energy that comes through in all of their songs and for their Japanese releases there is no exception. 'X-Pheonomenom' is a great proof of them, excellent song, with great power and all the talents of this idol group.

5. Breakthrough by TWICE

We love TWICE, their talent shines everywhere and the girl group has a lot of Japanese releases, but we especially love 'Breakthrough' for its great style and choreography. An excellent song in Japanese.

6. Scars by STRAY KIDS

STRAY KIDS also has Japanese releases, 'Scars' is one of them that the idol group released in 2021. This year we have 'Circus' which is also phenomenal so check out both of these boy band songs.

7. Ito by TXT

At the end of 2021, TXT released 'Chaotic Wonderland' a Japanese language release which reached the highest points on Oricon, the biggest music chart in Japan. It included 'Ito' a great song for you.

8. So Lucky by GOT7

'Mori Gatteyo' is a Japanese release that GOT7 released in 2016, in this album we will find 'So Lucky', a beautiful song with all the stamp of this boy band and the talents of its 7 amazing members.

9. Hanasakemirai by ASTRO

In 2019, ASTRO released 'Venus', in this album we can listen to 'Hanasakemirai', a song with fresh, fun rhythms and all the talent of these idols for music, a great song in Japanese for AROHA.

10. Breaking Out by DREAMCATCHER

Another girl group that we love with their music in Japanese in DREAMCATCHER who presented a different proposal this time and with 'Breaking Out' they charmed the entire public in Japan and obviously the world.

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