Watch these romance J-Dramas on Viki Watch these romance J-Dramas on Viki

Japanese romance dramas you can watch on Viki, these will sweeten your day

If you are a fan of romance dramas, here are some from Japan available on Viki

Viki has a lot of dramas available and if you like stories full of love and romance, here we have some perfect J-Dramas for you that you can watch on the platform.

There is nothing like a good romance drama, and these series have love, sweetness, sometimes love triangles and comedy that end up improving the plot. Every fan of Asian series can fully enjoy the stories with this theme that have really conquered a large part of the public.

The best thing is that there are dramas from different countries, have you already seen some Japanese dramas? These have great stories that show us more of Japan, the talent of its writers, directors and actors that we have really loved. Their stories are good, even some are based on our favorite manga, anime or video games.

And romance J-Dramas are really great, we love their cute stories and demos, or sometimes they are more mature, with characters who maybe lost hope in love and it finally arrives when they least expect it. Their plots, stories and characters are really amazing, we love to watch them.

So here we recommend some Japanese romance dramas that you can watch from the Viki platform, enjoy these sweet stories that may become your next favorite dramas.

6 Romance J-Dramas available on Viki, you can watch these love-filled stories on the platform

1. You, Me And Bach

Year: 2019
Starring Haru and Taishi Nakagawa

This drama is about a woman who is tired of working as an office worker, this is why she gets engaged to her boyfriend but when she quits her job, he ends their relationship because he is with another woman. Sad, she decides to sign up for violin lessons where she might find her true love.

'You, Me And Bach' is available en Viki, so you can watch it.

2. Meet Me After School

Year: 2018
Starring Arimura Kasumi and Masaki Kaji

In this series we meet a substitute teacher who has a long-term relationship with her boyfriend who wants to marry her. But everything could change, because in her new job one of her students falls in love with her and is beginning to feel pressured by her boyfriend and her commitment that she wants to create, who will she stay with?

Meet Me After School | Twitter: @kdrama_Sarang

You'll love the story of 'Meet Me After School', so watch it on Viki. 

3. My Right Older Brother

Year: 2021
Starring Furukawa Yuta and Yamaya Kasumi

This drama is about a girl who meets a boy who reminds her of her older brother whom she hasn't seen in a long time. But when they see each other, they both fall in love and soon they will start dating, she solves his insomnia... But maybe there is a secret that he is hiding from her.

'My Right Older Brother' is available on Viki, so you better watch it.

4. Can't Run Away From Love

Year: 2021
Starring Jin Shirasu and Mayuu Yokota

In this J-Drama we meet a girl who has just graduated, but wants to become a successful office worker. This dream still seems far away, but in the meantime she gets a part-time job that could lead her to meet her true love.

Can't Run Away From Love | Twitter: @kim_she17

Discover everything about 'Can't Run Away From Love' watching it on Viki

5. Only Just Married

Year: 2021
Starring Seino Nana and Kentaro Sakaguchi

This series takes us to meet a successful woman who is happy with her job, colleagues and friends even though she is single. But her grandmother pressures her to get married and finally everything changes when someone proposes to her, at first she rejects him but she ends up accepting in exchange for money, can this bought marriage turn into real love?

'Only Just Married' has an amazing story for you.

6. Sweat and Soap

Year: 2022
Starring Kanta Sato and Yuno Ohara

This story is about a shy girl who used to have a problem with sweat and its smell, but thanks to the products of the company she works for, she can now live without these problems. But everything changes when a new employee asks him to use a new product and they will be very close on this project.

Sweat and Soap | Twitter: @oryoist

'Sweat and Soap' is available on Viki, so just watch it there.

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