Romance J-Dramas on Netflix Romance J-Dramas on Netflix

Japanese romance dramas that you can watch on Netflix, check out their stories

Netflix has tons of J-Dramas available for you to watch, here are some romance dramas you'll love

Romance dramas always win us over with their love stories, so check out these Japanese series on Netflix with the best romances.

Japan is a country full of talent and creativity, not for nothing its video games and anime are popular all over the world. But this country also produces great dramas that fans of Asian series can enjoy at any time. We really have great stories to see brought from Japan.

Japanese dramas have various adventures, among them we will see great action stories, fantasy, some science fiction, others with supernatural beings. Some of these series are held in schools, others in hospitals, and so there are endless J-Dramas that we can enjoy.

But of course, romance stories always manage to captivate the public and romantic J-Dramas are definitely great, in these we see great love stories. The best thing is that more and more platforms are adding this type of drama to their catalogues.

Netflix is one of those platforms where we can watch J-Dramas, so here we leave for you some Japanese romance dramas that you can watch on this great platform, we are sure that you will love them.

6 Romance J-Dramas available on Netflix

1. Good Morning Call

Year: 2016
Starring Haruka Fukuhara and Shunya Shiraishi

This J-Drama is about a girl who stays in Tokyo for her last year at school while her parents have to go live in the countryside. They rent her a somewhat cheap apartment but her surprise comes when she realizes that she will have to share it with a boy, will her love be born there?

'Good Morning Call' has a great story for you.

2. The Many Faces of Ito

Year: 2017
Starring Fumino Kimura and Nozomi Sasaki

This drama is about a screenwriter who decides to use the story of 4 women who are dating the same man to write a new drama. What will happen to this love story?

The Many Faces of Ito | Twitter: @hyudramx

'The Many Faces of Ito' is a rom-com drama you need to watch.

3. Million Yen Women

Year: 2017
Starring Yojiro Noda and Rila Fukushima

This drama has romance and mystery, it is about a man who lives with 5 women who pay his rent, but there is a rule which is that he should not ask anything to the tenants, although maybe one day all this will change suddenly.

You need to watch the interesting story of 'Million Yen Women'.

4. My Husband Won't Fit

Year: 2019
Starring Natsumi Ishibashi and Aoi Nakamura

This series is about a couple who met during college, then they decided to get married but maybe they were not as compatible as they thought and now they might face some problems in their marriage.

My Husband Won't Fit | Twitter: @chelssicle

You can watch 'My Husband Won't Fit' on Netflix. 

5. Ride Or Die

Year: 2021
Starring Kiko Mizuhara and Honami Sato

This is the story of a woman who is abused by her husband and dreams of escaping from him, soon one of her schoolmates will arrive with whom she may have had something to do with in the past and then he will help her escape and live a love freely. .

'Ride Or Die' is available on Netflix.

6. He's Expecting

Year: 2022
Starring Saito Takumi  and Ueno Juri

This J-Drama is set in a place where men can get pregnant and we will follow a couple who discovers the pregnancy of the man in the relationship. Both do not know what to do because this was not planned and she puts her work before everything else, will they decide to have the baby?

He's Expecting | Twitter: @yukikun216

You'll love the story of 'He's Expecting'.

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