Japanese movies on Viki Japanese movies on Viki

Japanese movies you can watch on Viki, check out these films with interesting plots

Viki not only has dramas available, but also some movies that you can watch on its platform, here we recommend some from Japan

If you don't have much time to watch a drama, then you can watch a movie, here are some Japanese movies that you can actually watch available on Viki.

We know that Japan is very famous for having the best video games, animes and manga. But this country also produces a bunch of dramas and movies which we can enjoy every time. Their plots and characters are truly interesting and we have a lot to enjoy from the talent of Japanase writers, directors and actors.

There are a lot of Japanese movies that take us through various adventures, even in some of them we have been able to see our favorite idols. Others will be based on Japan's own popular anime and manga, there are also others with original stories and others that all fans of Asian series and films really enjoy.

The best thing is that there are various platforms where we can see our favorite Japanese productions. There is Viki, for example, a website and app that specializes in Asian productions. In this place we will not only find dramas, but also a lot of movies that we can enjoy.

So here we recommend some Japanese movies that are available on Viki, their plots and characters will catch you as they are very interesting.

7 Japanese movies available on Viki, watch all of these on the platform

1. Nana

Year: 2005
Starring Aoi Miyazaki and Mika Nakashima

This movie is about a couple of girls who have the same name, Nana is their name and they are both traveling to Tokyo on their own, life has made them coincide and they feel connected in a certain way.

Nana | Twitter: @_Polasris

'Nana' is a classic that you need to watch. 

2. Ouran High School Host Club

Year: 2012
Starring Kawaguchi Haruna and Yamamoto Yusuke

This film is about a girl who wanted to study in peace at her school and finds a classroom alone, although she discovers that the most handsome boys in the school have a secret club there where they entertain wealthy clients. She has an accident and now she is in debt to that club, she must dress as a boy to pay for what she did.

You'll have a lot of fun watching 'Ouran High School Host Club'.

3. Go Away Ultra Marine

Year: 2019
Starring Yokohama Ryusei and Marie Iitoyo

This story is about a boy and a girl who were friends in childhood, but over time they grew apart and now that they are in high school they may not get along so well. But everything changes when they are trapped on an island and may have to team up in order to survive.

Go Away Ultra Marine | Twitter: @rjgman56subs

You can watch 'Go Away Ultra Marine' on Viki. 

4. Clover

Year: 2014
Starring Emi Takei and Okura Tadayoshi

This movie is about an unlucky employee who can't seem to please her boss with anything. She is always scolded and punished, but one day everything changes because her boss proposes to have a date and maybe even get married, could it be love that he felt all this time?

'Clover' has an interesting story you should watch.

5. Trumpet Of The Cliff

Year: 2017
Starring Byung Hun and Nanami Sakuraba

In this film we will see a woman who studies photography, for health reasons she will have to undergo a heart transplant and during her recovery she will meet a man who will change her life and give her new hope for life.

Trumpet Of The Cliff | Twitter: @ReikoJK97

'Trumpet Of The Cliff' has a beautiful story for you. 

6. Love For Begginers

Year: 2012
Starring Emi Takei and Yamazaki Kento

This movie is about a girl dedicated to hairdressing, she has a special talent with other people's hair. But she is so insecure that she can't bring herself to do anything new with hers. She soon runs into the polar opposite of her, a typical bad boy from school with whom she may actually have a good relationship.

You need to watch 'Love For Begginers' on Viki.

7. I Just Wanna Hug You

Year: 2014
Starring Keiko Kitagawa and Ryo Nishikido

This story is about a girl who had an accident that left her in a wheelchair, this brought her some traumas and difficulties. As an adult, she dreams of finding true love but she doesn't have much hope. She until she meets a handsome taxi driver with whom she falls deeply in love.

I Just Wanna Hug You | Twitter: @Taronsuperstore

'I Just Wanna Hug You' has a beautiful plot you can watch.

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