Japanese drama based on manga Japanese drama based on manga

Japanese manga-based dramas that gave fans a live-action twist

Some Japanese dramas based their stories on manga, the country's popular comics had their live-action with these stories

Although there are many original J-Dramas, we can also find many Japanese live-action series based on manga. Here we recommend some of them.

In Japan there are various forms of entertainment and one of them is manga, comics made in the country with their own characteristics. These are extremely popular and cartoonists are dedicated to creating amazing characters who live various adventures within their stories.

Manga has also become quite popular around the world as Japanese comics have also been adapted into many languages thus reaching more fans and people who enjoy the art and plot combined in this type of entertainment. This is why many may want to see their favorite stories in live-action.

And just as there are many original dramas, we can also find this type of series in Japan that base their plots on manga. So we can see our favorite animated characters in a live-action. And although sometimes they may not meet all expectations, it is fun to see these types of stories.

So if you like manga and also dramas, here we recommend some J-Dramas based on manga so you can enjoy these amazing live-action adventures.

6 Manga-based J-Dramas every fan must watch

1. Bloody Monday

Year: 2008
Starring Miura Haruma and Kawashima Umika

This drama was based on the manga of the same name by Ryumon Ryo and is about a virus that Russia sent to Japan in order to start some kind of biological warfare, what can they do to stop it? We will find out in the episodes of this series.

Watch the story of 'Bloody Monday' which is based on a manga.

2. Cursed In Love

Year: 2020
Starring Hamabe Minami and Yokohama Ryusei

This J-Drama is about a boy whose mother owns a confectionery shop, sadly she is accused of murder and he can't keep the business. As he grows up he returns to the world of sweets and competes with who he was once his best friend.

Cursed In Love | Twitter: @seojinnie__

'Cursed In Love' is based on a manga called 'Watashi Wa Douka Shiteiru'. 

3. Cherry Magic!

Year: 2020
Starring Akaso Eiji and Machida Keita

This is a BL drama based on a manga under the same name, it's about a guy who celebrates his 30th birthday but he's still a virgin, so this gives him a mindreading power and he discovers that one of his workmates is in love with him.

Watch 'Cherry Magic!' since it has a great story based on a manga.

4. Love Lasts Forever

Year: 2020
Starring Kamishiraishi Mone and Sato Takeru

This drama was based on the manga 'Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomademo' and it is about a girl who meets the love of her life by accident, he is a doctor. Thus, she intends to become a nurse at the same hospital to win him over, will she achieve her goal in love?

Love Lasts Forever | Twitter: @TakeliciousIndo

Watch 'Love Lasts Forever' which has a good story for you. 

5. Love And Fortune

Year: 2018
Starring Tokunaga Eri and Watanabe Daichi

This J-Drama is about a 31-year-old woman who has a boyfriend, but the truth is that she has no love for him. She believes that she must settle for her partner or she will be single, but everything changes when she meets a 16-year-old boy who moves her heart.

You can watch 'Love And Fortune' which is based on the manga 'Koi no Tsuki'.

6. Stay Tuned!

Year: 2019
Starring Kyoko Yoshine and Hiroki Iijima

In this drama we will see a girl who works as a reporter for television, and although she has mistakes, she has won the hearts of the public with the stories she covers. This makes her an exceptional journalist.

Stay Tuned! | Twitter: @mi_ya716

Watch 'Stay Tuned!' with a story that you'll love. 

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