Fantasy J-Dramas for you Fantasy J-Dramas for you

Japanese fantasy dramas that will add new adventures to your day

We have some fantasy J-Dramas for you, check out these plots that will take you on a new adventure

Japan has a lot of fantasy series, so here we recommend some that you can watch and go through new worlds that you may not have known.

Although Japan is very popular for its anime and video games, the truth is that this country also has great dramas for those fans who enjoy Asian series. There are adaptations and original scripts that let us have great adventures through our screens.

J-Dramas have no limits, there are series of all genres with great stories, plots and characters that have completely captivated the public. This is why we can highlight the work of Japanese screenwriters, directors and actors who are behind all these productions.

Perhaps you already have a favorite Japanese drama and it is that some of these series have become very popular thanks to platforms like Netflix or Viki that have J-Dramas available in their catalogs and thus reach much more audiences around the world. But this time we will recommend some of these series.

We have here some Japanese fantasy dramas that you should definitely watch. You will have fun with all the adventures contained in these fantastic J-Dramas.

6 Fantasy J-Dramas that have the best stories for you, add their adventures to your watchlist

1. My Little Nightmare

Year: 2012
Starring Kitagawa Keiko and Kimura Manatsu

This drama is about a girl who gest to be transferred to a new class, but she's not a normal student since she makes a new world in her dreams with every person she meets, what will happen when someone tries to interpret her dreams?

'My Little Nightmare' has a fantastic plot for you to watch.

2. Where Do I Come From?

Year: 2020
Starring Nakajima Yuto and Mamiya Shotaro

This J-Drama tells us the story of a guy who can experience the same feelings and more of others with the things they write, he actually wants to become a writer but it's so hard for him since he can't write something original and can only base on other things he reads.

Where Do I Come From? | Twitter: @shugo_jpn

Watch 'Where Do I Come From?' which has a great story. 

3. Yamada and the Seven Witches

Year: 2013
Starring Yamamoto Yusuke and Nishiuchi Mariya

In this series we will see a top student and the trouble student, they have an accident on the stairs and as they fall, they kiss and they also switch bodies, how will they get their bodies back? Maybe real love will be the answer.

You can watch 'Yamada and the Seven Witches', enjoy its story.

4. Border

Year: 2014
Starring Oguri Shun and Aoki Munetaka

This one is about a dedicated detective who has the best abilities for his work, but he has not a life indeed, he just works all of the time. On day he gets murdered by a criminal, but now he's got a new ability to be between life and death since he can communite with the dead.

Border | Twitter: @voicexist

You'll love 'Border' and its supernatural plot. 

5. Goodbye Ghosts!

Year: 2016
Starring Fukushi Sota and Tsuchiya Tao

This drama is about a student who has a hard time expressing his feelings, once he finds someone dressed as a rabbit and a man fighting and it comes to be that it was an angel of death struggling with a ghost. Now, this student jois the angel of death to help ghosts to get a rest.

'Goodbye Ghosts!' is fantastic, you really need to watch this drama.

6. Monsters Share House

Year: 2020
Starring Koshiba Fuka and Matsumoto Marika

This is a J-Drama about a shy girl who gets to share her home with some monsters and ghosts since she had a broken heart and then she got unemployeed, now she won't really know what to do.

Monsters Share House | Twitter: @D_iviewer

You might like the story of 'Monsters Share House', so watch this J-Drama.

Keep watching more dramas, here we have some that you can watch on YouTube, some of them have subtitles. 

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