Japanese Drama on Netflix Japanese Drama on Netflix

Japanese drama available on Netflix, you must watch these series

Japan not only produces anime and video games, they also have a lot of dramas that you can add to your watchlist

Many dramas come from Japan and have great stories that will invade your screen, these options are available on Netflix, so we recommend them to you.

Each drama offers a great story for fans of these series and it is that various Asian countries are responsible for producing the best plots to reach the entire planet with the talent of their scriptwriters, directors and actors who shine in each new series that simply captivate the public.

Japan is a country widely known for its various productions such as anime and video games. But this country has also created great series that can win over the hearts of drama fans. These demonstrate the creativity of the country's writers and directors.

J-Dramas are not limited to a single genre and present stories of various themes for all audiences. You will find action adventures, romance, fantasy, science fiction and much more. It depends on the interests of each person, you can find a plot that best suits or surprises you.

And the best thing is that on platforms like Netflix it is possible to find Japanese drama options to watch, here we recommend some of the best that you need to see right now, marathon with these amazing J-Dramas.

5 J-Dramas that you must watch on Netflix

1. Alice In Borderland

Year: 2020
Starring Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya

This drama begins with three friends who get together and soon something strange will happen, as they will travel to an alternate dimension in which they must use their ingenuity, strength and intuition to survive a series of games of life and death.

Alice In Borderland | Twitter: @yukikun216

‘Alice In Borderland’ has an amazing story that you need to watch

2. Million Yen Women

Year: 2017
Starring Noda Yojiro and Matsui Rena

In this J-Drama we will know the story of a novelist who lives with 5 women, all of them pay the rent, but in the house there are rules that must be obeyed. One day everything will change and even these rules will have to be broken.

You’ll love ‘Million Yen Women’ which is one of the most popular Japanese dramas.

3. Good Morning Call

Year: 2016
Starring Haruka Fukuhara and Shunya Shiraishi

In this drama you will see the story of a girl who stays to live in the city, while her parents go to work elsewhere. They allow her to rent a place for her to finish studying. Soon a very popular boy will arrive at school and everything will change when the girl realizes that he will be her roommate.

Good Morning Call | Twitter: @iridescentazure

'Good Morning Call' is available on Netflix, so, you better watch it. 

4. Erased

Year: 2017
Starring Furukawa Yuki  and Yuki Mio

This is a sci-fi drama in which we will follow the story of a time traveler who will be able to avoid the death of his mother by going back to an early stage of his life, how will his future change?

Watch 'Erased' on Netflix, a pretty cool J-Drama that you must watch.

5. Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

Year: 2013
Starring Honoka Yahagi and Yuki Furukawa

This series is about a girl with a somewhat unlucky life, as she has low grades and is not popular at all. But she is in love with the smartest and most handsome boy in the class. In the last year of high school she confesses her love for him, but she is rejected. What will happen when fate makes them live together?

Mischeviuos Kiss | Twitter: @825_mama

Watch 'Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo' on Netflix which has a cute story.

 Keep watching more dramas, we recommend you some Chinese drama that you'd love since they have a lot of romance on their plots.

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