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Japanese crime-mystery dramas that will add a lot of excitement to your day

Watch these J-Dramas full of mystery and crimes to solve and choose your favorite one

A lot of J-Dramas have crime and mystery themes where we will follow some detectives who will solve each case, here we recommend you some of them.

Japan has several dramas for fans of Asian series. In addition to its excellence in videogames, manga and anime, this country also has amazing live action series for fans. And in these we find great options for our watchlists, that's why some of them are pretty popular.

Each J-Drama contains a different adventure, we can find stories full of romance, some include comedy, others touch on historical themes, there are science fiction, fantasy and much more. Each plot is extremely interesting and has characters that give their stories an even more special touch.

But what about mystery and crime dramas? There are some Japanese dramas that will take us through suspenseful adventures and so on. Following detectives, policemen and teams who reveal the identities of cruel criminals behind each case they are assigned.

Here are some Japanese crime-mystery dramas to add to your watchlist, you will definitely have new adventures through these series that will fill you with excitement. 

6 Crime mystery J-Dramas to follow detectives solving their cases

1. Miss Sherlock

Year: 2018
Starring Takeuchi Yuko and Kanjiya Shihori

This drama is about a pair of detectives, they will work together in difficult and rare cases in order to find the truth. The story is developed in the modern Tokyo and these two women will blow your mind with their intelligence to solve crimes.

'Miss Sherlock' has a great plot for you to watch.

2. Ichikei's Crow

Year: 2021
Starring Takenouchi Yutaka and Kuroki Haru

This J-Drama is about a judge who used to be just a lawyer, and then become a great authority, he uses to bring light to every case and he even visits crime scenes in order to fulfill his duty. In the other hand there's another judge who is kinda opposite to him.

Ichikei's Crow | Twitter: @arfebibots

Watch 'Ichikei's Crow' which has a lot of crimes to solve by these two judges. 

3. On: Special Agent Todo Hinako

Year: 2016
Starring Haru and Yokoyama Yu

This J-Drama tells the story of a rookie detective who gets a weird case while working, it seems like someone comitted suicide but this person was involved in an old murder case, the body has the same conditions as the one in that case and it might have been a revenge.

'On: Special Agent Todo Hinako' has a special story for you.

4. MIU 404

Year: 2020
Starring Ayano Go and Hoshino Gen

MIU is a special unit which tries to solve cases the 24 hours of the day, here we'll find great detectives with the best skills to find the truth behin every case. Tokyo is a busy city and full of mysteries.

MIU 404 | Twitter: @jdramapll

You can watch 'MIU 404' and get to know its full story. 

5. Trace ~ Men of the science school

Year: 2019
Starring Nishikido Ryo and Araki Yuko

This drama is about a forensic science researcher who solves cases with his great skills and always focuses on facts and hates speculation. Everything will change when a rookie forensic science researcher joins him and he can open his mind now.

'Trace ~ Men of the science school' has a great story for you and cases from forensic science.

6. Do Not Say Mystery

Year: 2022
Starring Suda Masaki and Ito Sairi

In this series we get to know Kuno Totono, a student who needs to solve a case, everything begins when the police interrogates him since one of his classmates was murdered, will he find the truth?

Do Not Say Mystery | Twitter: @leredza

Watch 'Do Not Say Mystery' to get to know the truth of Kuno Totono.

Keep watching more J-Dramas, here we have some fantasy ones for your watchlist.

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