Action J-Dramas for you Action J-Dramas for you

Japanese action dramas with amazing plots you'll love to watch

Watch this action-packed J-Dramas that will fill your days with adrenaline, here we recommend some

Japanese dramas have great plots and the best actors and actresses with great characters, so watch these action K-Dramas that you'll love.

Japan has a lot of creative writers and directors, for anime, videogames and dramas. Japanese plots are full of adventures which take the pulic to a world that we never imagined. That's why drama fans tend to search for more series from said country.

J-Dramas have a lot of stories to tell, we have some full of romance, fantasy, comedy and more. You'll love all of the adventures which are contained in this kind of series from Japan. And you'll also find adaptations from anime or mangas to dramas.

But maybe you like more series full of action, right? Those ones with incredible plots, full of adrenaline, heroes and in which the good and the evil fight for a reason. There are a lot of action dramas created by Japanese writers which you'll love and won't stop watching.

So, here we recommend some action J-Dramas for you, we're sure you'll like these ones, their episodes will keep you with your eyes on the screen, binge watching their episodes.

6 Action J-Dramas that will fill your screen with adrenaline

1. S ~ Saigo no Keikan

Year: 2014
Starring Mukai Osamu and Ayano Go

This J-Drama tells the story of Metropolitan Police Department in Tokyo, which has special units for criminals and is searching for a good method to catch them. We'll get to know Kamikura Ichigo who retired from his life as a professional boxer and became a police officer.

Watch 'S ~ Saigo no Keikan', a drama full of action.

2. Alice In Borderland

Year: 2020
Starring Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya

This one is about a group of friends which travels to another dimension, almost everyone has disappeared and the city is ruled by a terrible game to death in which the players have to survive and collect poker cards to win.

Alice In Borderland | Twitter: @Yaniezaki28

'Alice In Borderland' has a lot of things and it's full of action too. 

3. Limit

Year: 2013
Starring Sakuraba Nanami and Kubota Masataka

This Japanese drama is about a group of highschool girls which survive to a terrible accident that killed all of their classmates, they're lost now and will have to survive far from civilization.

You need to watch the full story of 'Limit'.

4. BG: Personal Bodyguard

Year: 2018
Starring  AKimura Takuya and Saito Takumi

This drama is about a man who used to be a bodyguard but an accident made hm retire from his job and take a new one as security staff, then his company turns him again into a bodyguard but he'll hide his past.

BG: Personal Bodyguard | Twitter: @joconart

'BG: Personal Bodyguard' has a great plot which you'll love to watch. 

5. Take Five

Year: 2013
Starring Karasawa Toshiaki and Matsuyuki Yasuko

This J-Drama takes us to the story of 'Take Five' a criminal group which steals from people who got their fortune by immoral means. One of the members of this group retires and 20 years later decides to reunite 'Take Five'.

You'll love the unique story of 'Take Five'.

6. Red Eyes

Year: 2021
Starring Kamenashi Kazuya and Matsushita Nao

This drama take us to the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Investigative Support Analysis Center which has a dream team for investigation and catch criminals. But all the members of this team has a dark past.

Red Eyes | Twitter: @redeyes_ntv

'Red Eyes' is a J-Drama that you must watch.

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