Watch these J-Dramas on YouTube Watch these J-Dramas on YouTube

Japanese Dramas available on YouTube, watch these fun stories for free

Did you know that on YouTube you can watch some J-Dramas? Here we recommend some that are on the platform

On YouTube there are quite a few Asian series and among them we can find Japanese dramas with subtitles that you can enjoy for free.

Drama fans know very well that Japan is a great option when it comes to these series. The talent in that country not only focuses on video games and anime, but also on live action productions with episodes that end up conquering the public.

In the J-Dramas we can find endless amazing stories, there are of all genres, romance, fantasy, mystery, school and more that will really delight all kinds of audiences. And the best thing is that they also reach international fans thanks to various online platforms that have them available.

We have Netflix, Viki and even Amazon Prime, for example. Although these sites are paid and many times we can not afford them. But there are also ways to watch Japanese dramas for free with platforms like YouTube that have some of them available for you.

So here we recommend some J-Dramas available on YouTube, some of them have subtitles and everything, so you can fully enjoy them.

6 J-Dramas that you can watch on YouTube completely free

1. This First Love Is Fiction

Year: 2021
Starring Iinuma Ai and Bando Ryota

This drama is about a group of students of second year in highschool, they're kinda attracted by a mysterious new student who was transferred to their school but he was absent during the first day of classes.

Watch 'This First Love Is Fiction' on YouTube.

2. Shimane Becomes a Drama!

Year: 2021
Starring Tanabe Ririka and Tsubakihara Kei

This drama is about a highschool student who dreamed of got to Tokyo to study, he was having a normal student's life when a girl is transferred to his school and she'll change his life somehow.

On YouTube you can watch 'Shimane Becomes a Drama!'

3. New World Makers

Year: 2021
Starring Itagaki Mizuki and Imou Haruka

This drama is about a guy who lived by himself and almost always hid his feelings, until one day when he has this weird encounter with a couple, they're a model and someone who creates clothes. He helps them and maybe his life will change.

'New World Makers' has an interesting story you can watch on YouTube. 

4. Tasuku and Rinko

Year: 2019
Starring Nakamura Yurika and Kaneko Daichi

On this J-Drama we get to know a married couple which is about to get a divorce, they were married just for one week but the woman thiscovers that her husband is still seeing his ex girlfriend.

 You can watch 'Tasuku and Rinko' on YouTube.

5. All Love Seems to Start with One-sided Thoughts

Year: 2021
Starring Wakayanagi Kotok and Hayase Ai

In this one we get to know six different highschool students, they're all 17 years old and this will happen during summer. They all will have different stories and experiences to tell.

You'll like the story behind 'All Love Seems to Start with One-sided Thoughts', so watch it on YouTube. 

6. Shujin-ko

Year: 2019
Starring Kamio Fuju and Hasegawa Makoto

This series will follow the story of a group of college students who are finding their way to become adults. Each one of them will have different stories and some great experiences too.

'Shujin-ko' is available on YouTube for you to watch it. 

Keep watching more J-Dramas, here we have some BL ones that are available on Viki, enjoy the best of them all!

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