J-Hope's More is just amazing J-Hope's More is just amazing

J-Hope and More take us to our emo phase, what's the best thing about his new song?

We finally got to hear 'More', J-Hope's new solo song and we loved the dark concept, what else is so special about it?

J-Hope surprised the world with 'More' using a new concept for his music and taking us back to our emo phase with this new song and MV.

The members of BTS are extremely talented and have shown it in a group and also alone. Among them is Jung Hoseok who we know better as J-Hope. He has performed as a dancer, rapper, and singer in the group. He really loves dancing, it's his specialty.

J-Hope is also an excellent rapper, he has his own style and is good at writing, he always contributes to Bangtan Sonyeondan's songs. As if that weren't enough, he has also written his own songs which he has released on individual mixtapes. It's been a while since 'Hope World', which gave us great tracks from this rapper.

And ARMY has shown all their support for Hobi with his solo songs. We will never forget that 'Chicken Noodle Soup' has been one of the favorite tracks with a lot of reproductions, records and more on digital platforms. Now that Bangtan will focus more on each member's personal projects than on the group, we have new music from J-Hope.

J-Hope released 'More', the first single that will be on his album 'Jack In The Box' and we love this first song that had a very special MV, what's the best thing about this Hobi comeback? Here we have everything we liked about this new song.

Everything we love about J-Hope's More, what's the best thing about this new song and its MV?

1. The concept

As we said at the beginning of this article, Hobi used a dark concept for 'More', his emo look and more is contrasting with the concepts he used before and we love it! It fits him well and his performance makes it look more realistic.

2. The music

Woaaaah! Everyone is saying that J-Hope is like an emo here and maybe the music sounds 'emo' too, but tbh I think it reminds me of Grunge or Nu Metal from 90's, at the very beginning when rap and heavy metal were united. I think that's more like the genre he used here but we loved it! The guitar, the drums, that voice effect, it's refreshing and different.

3. The lyrics

Folks, the lyrics make me think of grunge too, LOL. Well, it seems partly self-deprecating but also something Hobi could be proud of. He talks about all of his work, his ART and how it pleases the fans and has actually brought him awards and recognition, but he wants more.

Drunk In The Artistic Painting, Keep Hyping Up “Dali”
I Want It, Stadium With My Fans, Still
Bag All The Trophies And Grammys Too
Fame, Money's Not Everything, I Already Know It
My Work Makes Me Breathe, So I Want MORE

4. The reactions

From ARMY, to experts, to ocassional listeners... I think we all are pretty surprised with 'More', I was speechless when I first listened to it, it was amazing. And the reactions have been just funny to see and everyone is surprised in a good way, we all loved 'More' anyways.

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