Celebrate Wonwoo with this photos Celebrate Wonwoo with this photos

It's SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo birthday! Check out his growth in these photos to celebrate him

SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo is celebrating his birthday, see how much he has evolved over time in these photos

Today is a very special day for SEVENTEEN and CARAT, we are celebrating Wonwoo for his birthday and here we have some photos from when he was a baby until today so we can see him grow up over time.

Jeon Wonwoo is one of the members of SEVENTEEN who has performed as a singer, dancer, and rapper in the K-Pop group. Wonwoo has also written songs for the group and its sub-unit, Hip-Hop Team. He is an extremely talented artist and dedicated to his work.

Wonwoo was born on July 17, 1996 in Changwon, South Korea. He came to Pledis Entertainment almost by chance as he was accompanying one of his friends to the audition and in the end he decided to participate as well and thus managed to stay with the agency. He started his period as a trainee while using a nickname before revealing his real name, then we knew him as 'Mr. Beanie'.

Since the debut of SVT, Wonu has worked hard to show the best of his talent to CARAT, he also has a cute personality, despite being an introvert, sometimes he seems serious and even cold, the truth is that Won is wonderful , has a beautiful way of being, is someone warm and cute. But reserved only for his family, friends and fans of his.

There is much we can admire about Wonu and today we are celebrating his birthday since in Korea it is already July 17, yaay! Here we have some photos of this idol from when he was a baby until now so that we can see his evolution and growth over time.

10 Photos of SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo to see his growth over time and celebrate his birthday

1. Baby Wonwoo

Here we have a picture of Wonwoo when he was a baby, he used to be so cute, look at him with this Korean clothes, he was so sweet!

Wonwoo when he was a baby | Twitter: @Ayr_hHhH

2. Kid Wonwoo

How was Wonwoo when he was a kid? He was cute too! We can't stop looking at him, his hair was kinda long, he was so sweet, pls.

Wonu hasn't changed a lot since childhood | Twitter: @wonuoiawoo

3. Pre-debut Wonwoo

We have a bunch of pre-debut Wonwoo since we all remember '17TV' and the members adventures before being a part of SEVENTEEN. Wonu had his hair pretty long, was he an emo? He was still going to highschool while training since he joined Pledis in 2011 when he was 16 (Korean age).

Wonu during predebut | Twitter: @luxuryhoshi

4. Debut Wonwoo

In 2015, SEVENTEEN finally debuted, and here we have Wonwoo during the debut with 'Adore U', a great song with a cool concept that was actually changed, but that's another story.

Wonwoo during debut | Twitter: @Jwwoo_

5. Wonwoo Clap Era

We take some steps forward to 2017, two years after SVT's debut and we have 'Teen, Age' one of the full lenght albums that the idol group has released. And here we have Wonwoo during CLAP era who was pretty iconic.

Wonwoo in CLAP Era | Twitter: @sevennxxx

6. Wonwoo THANKS era

Here we have 'Director's Cut', a SEVENTEEN mini album from 2018, and it was kinda underrated, to be honest. But we can't underrate Wonu during THANKS era, so here's in our highlights.

Wonwoo during THANKS era | Twitter: @wonwooseok

7. Wonwoo HOME era

Then we get to te next year, in 2019 SEVENTEEN released 'You Made My Dawn' and the title track was HOME, during that time, Wonu had curly hair and we all loved it, and he keeps growing and evolving and also, they performing 'Good To Me' and 'Getting Closer' was amazing.

Can this curly hair Wonwoo come back? Pls | Twitter: @shuaahannie

8. Wonwoo HOME;RUN era

Wonwoo always slays and aas we can see, he gets more mature over time, for HOME;RUN era we had this amazing Wonu with red hair that we all loved. We also died for Won singing 'Light A Flame' which is in the same album (Semicolon) than 'HOME;RUN'.

Wonwoo during HOME;RUN era | Twitter: @wonubliss

9. Bittersweet Wonwoo

I think we can highlight a lot of things from 2021 for Wonwoo, like him appearing in the Waves Magazine, or RTL era, also Rock With You era. BUT, Bittersweet was all for Wonwoo, a song in which he worked with Mingyu and it was an amazing track, they didn't even rap here, their voices were amazing and we will never get over it, tbh.

Bittersweet Wonu | Twitter: @wonubliss

10. 2022 Wonwoo

Woah, 2022 has been a kinda difficult year for Wonwoo, he was missing during 'Darl+ing' promotions, because he really needed it, we loved everything about him in 'Face The Sun' too, but if we can highlight something until now is HANABI, since it was for the Japanese fanmeeting when Wonu came back. We're happy to see him once again.

Wonwoo in HANABI | Twitter: @bangtan7_svt13


Well, it's been some months since HANABI and we love Wonwoo, so here we have a Be The Sun Wonu, and we also want to say Happy Birthday Won! And please, send him lots of love with the hashtags #Happy_WONWOO_Day and #KeepSmilingForWonwooDay <3. We hope that Wonwoo has more happy days, health and all the love he deserves.

Wonwoo Be The Sun | Twitter: @wonwoowide

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