Doja Cat for 'Say So' Doja Cat for 'Say So'

Impressive Doja Cat performances that reinvented her iconic single 'Say So'

Doja Cat is a wonderful performer! Don't you believe us? You need to watch these mind-blowing "Say So" performances.

Let's be honest, all of us were dancing to the addictive "Say So" in 2020. This iconic hit was all over the world. Doja Cat got massive popularity thanks to her retro-pop single. The song is not getting old.

Before the "Planet Her" euphoria, the rapper performed this single at many events and shows. Even if the song was the same, every time she took the stage let the public jas drop with her innovative version of Say So.

No one can deny the endless talent Doja Cat owns. Her lyrics are very honest and creative, her stage presence is out of this world, and her rap is insane. That is not all, she is a great vocalist and dancer as well.

As you can see, she has everything to offer the best performances in the town. That's why we have for you the greatest performances the Say So era gave us. All of them are pretty unique. Enjoy the show!

The best 'Say So' performances by Doja Cat

1. MTV EMA 2020

Let's start with the rock version of the single. It sounds so dark and different. The rap fragment is awesome!

2. Medley - iHeartRadio Music Awards 2021

A soft version of the single was the perfect introduction for this show that use the abduction concept.

3. Billboard Music Awards 2021

Doja Cat rocked the stage with this 'simple' but effective performance. This choreography was wild!

4. GRAMMYS 2021

Her costume for this show was wild. She looked like a true android. Such an unforgettable performance.

Doja Cat at the GRAMMYs 2021 / Twitter @headlineplanet

5. YouTube Streamy Awards

We cannot leave without talking about the original version. These retro outfits are so cool.

What other Say So performance do you remember? 

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