Cute idols with pink hair Cute idols with pink hair

Idols with pink hair that we adore in this cute look

We always see our favorite idols with different looks, who looked great with pink hair?

In addition to the talents of our favorite K-Pop artists, we can also admire their visuals that are sometimes enhanced by the different looks idols have worn. Like these who once had pink hair.

In the K-Pop industry, talent is very important, we love to see the brilliance and great skills of each of our favorite artists in this musical genre shine with their amazing ways of singing, dancing, rapping. And even with other of his jobs like being MCs or actors.

But in addition to appreciating all the brilliance in music that idols have, we can also admire their incredible styles, visuals, and looks with which they have delighted fans with each comeback. According to the concept or era, these K-Pop stars have tried different haircuts, colors, clothes, and more that make them look even better.

Fans love to see the makeovers that many of the celebrities in K-Pop often have. Whether it's with their natural hair or some cool color, we'll always cherish them. Each one gives an even more personal touch to the look or style they wear and we find great inspirations in them and even more off stage with their outfits and others.

This time, we come to appreciate those idols who looked gorgeous with pink hair. This hue gave them a very cute style that we can't help but admire. Choose your favourite!

8 idols who looked super cute with pink hair

1. BTS' Suga

Suga looked super cute with pink hair, we can't forget when he posted a selca on Twitter and then it dessappeared, but we have that amazing photo with pink haired Yoongi.

Suga with pink hair | Twitter: @aeuncart


We loved the pink hair in Lisa, she looked really gorgeous and cute too! She's got a look with her hair kinda short and in pink it was cool, she was more pink than black back then, lol.

Pink Lisa | Twitter: @_fluffylisa

3. MONSTA X's Hyungwon

Hyungwon is very cute and hadsome, he can look good with every kind of color or haircut, but when he had pink hair we all lost it! Candy cotton Won was amazing.

Pink haired Hyungwon | Twitter: @hwonpics

4. Kep1er's Chaehyun

Kep1er is a rookie girl group which we all love so much, and Chaehyun looked super cute with her pink hair.

Chaehyun in pink hair | Twitter: @y7seo

5. SEVENTEEN's Woozi

Sometimes we think that blonde hair fits really well Woozi, but pink hair is a ticket to heaven, we loved this look on the SEVENTEEN's producer <3.

Woozi with pink hair | Twitter: @WOOZlDAN

6. TWICE's Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung loves to express herself on her body, that's why she has some tattoos and when she used to have pink hair, we all loved it too!

Chaeyoung's pink hair | Twitter: @dubushandcream

7. TXT's Yeonjun

Yeonjun looks amazing with every hair color, but pink gave him a cuter look, don't you think so?

Yeonjun when he had pink hair | Twitter: @soyaluvsTXT

8. STRAY KIDS' Hyunjin

We've seen Hyunjin with some looks, but the pink hair one was just superior, sometimes STAY can't get over it.

Pink haired Hyunjin | Twitter: @DANCERACHAFILES

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