Idols that are ISTJ Idols that are ISTJ

Idols with ISTJ personality, do you share MBTI with them?

Which idols have ISTJ personality? Their  MBTI test result doesn't lie

Is your personality type ISTJ according to the MBTI? Find out which idols you share them with, here we have some of them with this type of personality.

Myers-Briggs Type indicator is a way in which the personalities of each person can be cataloged according to their qualities, behaviors and others. It is usually abbreviated as MBTI and you can discover yours by taking a conscientious test that will tell you the result of your classification.

The first of the MBTI classifications is ISTJ its letters stand for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging. People who have this type of personality are usually very reliable in any aspect of life, they are also persevering and hard-working. About 10% of the population has this personality type.

More characteristics of ISTJ people are that they are loyal, logical, organized, sensitive and true traditionalists. They also prefer to keep their lives in check. They are usually focused people who like to help institutions or are also quite religious.

Do you want to know which idols have ISTJ personality? Here we have some of them that have such MBTI test result, maybe you can easily notice their characteristics.

8 Idols with ISTJ personality according to their MBTI test result

1. Red Velvet's Irene

Didi you know that Irene from Red Velvet has ISTJ as her personality type? Well, that was what her test said and sh'es really professional and we've seen her focused in every aspect, those are some of their visible characteristics.

Red Velvet's Irene | Twitter: @ema_034

2. GOT7's Mark Tuan

Mark Tuan has always been a hardworking idol, as a member of GOT7 and as a soloist too. Maybe that's because he's an ISTJ, don't you think so? If his your bias then you know it better.

Mark Tuan is an ISTJ | Twitter: @tuanpics

3. Seohyun

Actress Seohyun used to be an idol from Girls' Generation and in both of her jobs we've seen them being extremely professional and always focussed in her career. She's amazing and she's an ISTJ too!

Seohyun's personality type | Twitter: @AKlintes

4. ENHYPEN's Sunghoon

It seems like ISTJs are multitalented since here we have a ENHYPEN member who used to be an ice skater and then he became an idol. Sunghoon has ISTJ as his MBTI too, can you find the characteristics of this personality in him?

Sunghoon's MBTI is ISTJ | Twitter: @enjakefunds

5. Kim Gaeul

Kim Gaeul is one of the members of IVE, her MBTI is ISTJ, she's an amazing singer, rapper and dancer. A hardworking girl who sines bright with all of her talents.

Kim Gaeul has ISTJ as her MBTI type | Twitter: @gaeuwli

6. EXO's Xiumin

Did you know that Xiumin has ISTJ as his MBTI personality? Well, this EXO idol is amazing, right? His real name is Kim Min Seok and he has surely working hard since the very beginning of his career.

Xiumin's MBTI | Twitter: @littlexiunshine

7. TWICE's Tzuyu

Tzuyu is the maknae from TWICE and even if she's the youngest member, sh'e just as professional and talented as her noonas. We've seen Tzuyu work hard, she left Taiwan in order to become an idol and she's also worked as a model.

Tzuyu is an ISTJ | Twitter: @natzunit

8. ONEUS' Xion

ONEUS has pretty talented idols and one of them is Xion, who has ISTJ as his MBTI type, did you know that? He's really hardworking and has a good heart.

Xion from ONEUS is an ISTJ | Twitter: @chalcoholic

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