K-Pop idols born in the US K-Pop idols born in the US

Idols who were born in the USA and succeeded in K-Pop far from home

Did you know that there are idols in K-Pop who traveled from the United States to become artists?

In K-Pop there are groups made up of members of different nationalities and that is how we have a lot of variety among idols and here we have some of them who were born in the United States.

K-Pop agencies know perfectly well that there is a lot of talent even outside of Korea, which is why we can find idols from different countries in our favorite boy bands and girl groups. Many trainees leave their home countries and travel in order to become artists.

Companies like YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and even HYBE often hold auditions in countries like Japan, China, Australia, and even the United States. In reality, the country of origin does not always matter, but the talent of the future artists who are being casted in these auditions does.

So many of our favorite K-Pop groups have members with different nationalities and obviously this just goes to show that globally there is a lot of talent. Some of the kids who join the agencies from countries like Australia and the US have Korean roots so sometimes it's not that hard for them to learn the language when they get to Korea.

Here we have some K-Pop idols who were born in the United States and traveled to South Korea to become artists and shine even when they were away from home and away from their family.

6 American idols who traveled to Korea to shine in K-Pop

1. SEVENTEEN's Vernon

Vernon was born in Manhattan, New York back in 1998, his mom is American and his dad is Korean. When he was 5 years old, his family moved to Korea and that's how he got casted in that country even if he was born in a different one. This SEVENTEEN idol can speak English and Korean sooo well and his physical features are a perfect combination of his roots.

Vernon was born in the US | Twitter: @istan13_dorks

2. NCT's Johnny

Chicago, Illinois is the hometown of Johnny who moved to Seoul in 2007 after being casted by SM Entertainment. Then he begun with his time as a trainee and then became one of the members of NCT.

Illinois is Johnny's hometown | Twitter: @nctymisfit

3. SEVENTEEN's Joshua

The sexy gentleman from SEVETEEN was also born in the USA, Joshua is from Los Angeles, California and he was casted in Koreatown when he played the guitar in a festival. Then he moved to Korea and started his time as a trainee in Pledis Entertainment.

Joshua is from LA | Twitter: @JoshuaArchive

4. TXT's Huening Kai

Huening Kai from TXT was born in Hawaii, he used to live there and then his family moved to China. Then he entered BigHit Entertainment and had to leave and travel to Korea in order to pursue his dream and become an idol.

Huening was born in the US | Twitter: @thursday_childs

5. GOT7's Mark

Mark was born in LA, but he used to live in different countries such as Brazil and Paraguay, then when he entered to JYP Entertainment, he moved to Korea and became a trainee to debut as a GOT7 member.

Mark is American | Twitter: @igot7_things

6. BTOB's Peniel

Peniel was born in the same city than Johnny, but as he's older, his story is pretty different. Peniel joined JYP Entertainment but then left the agency and became a trainee of Cube Entertainment. There, he debuted as an idol of BTOB.

Johnny and Peniel are from Chicago | Twitter: @suhpremacistJ

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