Idols and their stage names Idols and their stage names

Idols who use a stage name, what are their real names?

There are a lot of idols in K-Pop who use stage names to introduce themselves as stars, check out their real names too

Why do idols often use stage names? Well, a lot of of them give their work in K-Pop a new personality with a nickname.

There are a lot of things that we can admire about our favorite idols, first of all is the fact that they are so constant and hardworking. They prepare from a very young age to become artists and this requires great sacrifices because the agencies are located in Seoul and this implies leaving their hometowns to fulfill their dreams.

Secondly, most K-Pop stars are busy all the time, if not with a comeback then they are with sponsorships, photo shoots, acting, touring, we know very well that there is very little free time that they have. And yet they are dedicated to their fans and always try to be aware of them in some way.

We love the personalities, stories, origins, and dreams of many of the K-Pop idols that have become our favorites over time. Each of them shows a little more of themselves through their music and other content such as interviews, behind the scenes, vlogs and more.

Did you know that there are idols who use a stage name? There are those who use their real name at all times, but we also have K-Pop stars using a nickname for their artistic career.

12 K-Pop idols who use stage names, these are their real names

1. BTS' Suga

Suga is not the real name of this idol, this was a stage name created back then when he used to be a trainee. The real name of this BTS member is Min Yoongi.

Suga is Yoongi's stage name | Twitter: @heisjustoocute

2. SF9's Rowoon

Rowoon is an actor and idol from SF9 whose real name is Kim Seok Woo, he uses this stage name which sounds pretty cool but his real one was given by his grandfather, did you know that?

Rowoon's real name | Twitter: @kdramasfangirl

3. SEVENTEEN's Woozi

We all know Woozi, singer, dancer and producer for SEVENTEEN, but  this is not his real name. Lee Jihoon is this idol's birth name and his stage name comes actually from an acronym of this one which means 'Uri Ji Hoonie' (our Ji Hoonie).

Woozi is Lee Jihoon | Twitter: @leejihoonfairy

4. BTS' RM

Of course that RM is not the real name of BTS leader, his first stage name was Rap Monster, but that one won't represent Kim Namjoon anymore, so he changed it to RM.

RM is just a stage name | Twitter: @evewithluv

5. ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun Woo sounds like a pretty normal name, right? But it's a stage name, the real name of this ASTRO idol is Lee Dongmin. He's an actor too and he always uses Eun Woo as his name.

Cha Eun Woo's real name | Twitter: @chaeunwoodaily

6. SEVENTEEN's Hoshi

Hoshi loves tigers and this stage name means 'Gaze Of Tiger', that's why Kwon Soonyoung uses it, we know him since he's an amazing singer and dancer in SEVENTEEN.

Hoshi means gaze of tiger | Twitter: @hoshgallery

7. STRAY KIDS' Lee Know

Lee Know uses this stage name since his real name is Lee Min Ho and as you might know, there's a very popular actor who has the same name so this STRAY KIDS idol decided to use this cool nickname.

Lee Know's real name | Twitter: @linosfalsettos

8. BTS' J-Hope

Jung Hoseok is the real name of J-Hope, even if it's a stage name, it actually has the initials of his real name 'J' and 'H', isn't it clever?

J-Hope's name is Jung Hoseok | Twitter: @BIGHIT_INFO

9. MONSTA X's Shownu

Shownu is the leader of MONSTA X, but this is not his real name, he was named Son Hyun Woo when he was born. For his stage name he actually uses some of the letters of his real name.

Shownu is not the real name of this idol | Twitter: @monstarchivx

10. SEVENTEEN's S.Coups

SEVENTEEN leader has a stage name too and it's S.Coups, the real one is Choi Seungchol. He made his name with the 'S' from his name and 'Coups' is something like a great event. He tought it sounded cool, that's why he chose it.

S.Coups and his real name | Twitter: @Adoring_SVT

11. Wonho

This idol used to be a part of MONSTA X, but now Wonho is a soloist whose real name is Lee Hoseok. His stage name was given by the staff of Starship Entertainment and it means to be a protector.

Wonho's real name | Twitter: @sharkster_ykh


Of course that THE8 is not a real name, it's the stage name of Xu Minghao which is his original Chinese name and he also has a Korean name, Seo Myung Ho, an amazing dancer from SEVENTEEN.

Minghao is THE8's real name | Twitter: @minghaoluvsyou

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