Idols who wear glasses Idols who wear glasses

Idols who need prescription glasses to see well, how do they look with them?

Did you know that there are idols who can't see well and need glasses? Some of them wear specs and others wear contact lenses

Sometimes our favorite idols use glasses for some concept or look they want to improve, but there are others who really need this accessory to be able to see because they correct their vision.

There are a lot of things that we can know about our favorite K-Pop artists. All of them not only present their music to the world, but also share their personalities, stories, backgrounds, experiences and more with fans who are always eager to hear from these stars.

This is why we have many fun facts about our favorite idols, we know what their personality is like, some of their habits, hobbies, hidden talents. Their stories, there are those who even share more about their families and introduce them to fans.

And fans love to know a lot about their favorite idols and groups, they are an entire encyclopedia of knowledge about these K-Pop artists. There is always something new to discover about them and to admire, or find something new in common with some of our favorite celebrities.

Like here we have some idols who need glasses so they can see well, they sometimes look cool with their specs, others wear contacts most of the time.

5 K-Pop Idols who look so cool with their prescription glasses on

1. SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo

Wonwoo looks so good with his spects, and sometimes he uses different styles in his glasses, this SEVENTEEN idol can't wear contact lenses since he also has dry eye syndrome and using them can make it worse for him. So we can see him rocking his specs.

Wonwoo looks so handsome with his glasses on | Twitter: @LOOKSJWW

2. BTS' Jin

Even if Jin almost always wears contact lenses, sometimes we can see him using his glasses as well. This BTS member needs this accesory to see well.

Jin needs glasses to see well | Twitter: @monsieursehun

3. MONSTA X's SHownu

Shownu can't see well and he also had a retinal injury, that's why the MONSTA X leader must wear glasses in order to see well.

Shownu wears his glasses to see well | Twitter: @s_showki

4. EXO's D.O

D.O from EXO has bad eyesight he suffers from astigmatism and that's why he must wear his glasses so he can improve his sight.

Kyungsoo wearing his glasses | Twitter: @kokokbop

5. SHINee's Onew

Onew wears his glasses pretty often since he can't see well, so we can admire this SHINee idol amazing face with this accesory on.

Onew with glasses on | Twitter: @NerwenArtanis82

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